Last Saturday, I went for my first hike this year at Gunung Bujang Melaka, Perak. The trail is not so bad, I enjoyed it but one thing that bothered me there…that place is famous for leeches which I was only known of it after the hike..so grossed out..(shuddered).

Not to mention, a whole community or country of leeches will come out when it’s raining..and yup, it was raining when we were hiking back down.

As I have never been bitten by leeches, I do not know how it feels to get bitten by one. So, I was so proud and happy that I didn’t get bitten by leeches during the hike..but boy, was I wrong..haha..

Upon reaching the base where our cars were parked, everyone was rolling up their pants to check whether there were any leeches on their legs. I didn’t even checked mine until I saw my foot was bleeding and they asked me to rolled up my pants. Once I did so, there were 3 leeches sucking my leg. Of course, I screamed.

The leeches were already fat and stuffed with my blood.

I don’t mind them sucking my blood which is good cause they are taking all the dirty ones but seeing them on my legs got me sick to my stomach..haha..

So, I got 8 marks from the leeches on my legs…hehe..



Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

This year, I am going to find you, marry you and make you mine..whoever you are out there.



August ’18 crush

Although, we have met briefly before back in March/April 2018 but in early August 2018 when I first glance at you without noticing your differ appearance, you took me by storm.

It has been awhile I have this crush feeling since my last break-up and now I feel like a teenager again. LOL.

But you will be someone I know I can’t be with. How I wish I could. You have all the criteria I want in a man (especially from Terengganu..haha) but about 2 or 3 that just got me stopped approaching you.

I like having conversations with you. I like listening to you and look at you.

But I have to keep my distance because if I don’t I will be nobody’s fool.

Hope you meet someone and be happy always.

Dang, I really need to get over you. haha. Easier said than done, ait.

Hope we can be friends, though, even it will hurt deep.



A history made

On May 9th, 2018, Malaysians went out to cast their vote and after the excruciating wait, the results were out till the early morn of the following day. Boy, was it worth the wait and didn’t let the nation down. After all those years, the opposition party have won the 14th General Election!

We pray for a better nation for the generations to come. Unity shows it all and be brave to step up.


2018, bring it on!

Wishing all of you a Happy New Year!


Sabah, yet again!

This time we went to the southern part of Sabah to visit Mabul Island once again. I joined my hiking/diving club called Mountain Diver to this trip. Our trip was a 4D3N agenda from Mar 31 – Apr 3. The first 2 nights we stayed in Mabul and the last night were spent in Semporna. I would say this is my first ever shortest trip to Mabul as usually I would stay there for about 7-9 days.

Since my lil brother joined this trip for snorkeling activity, I spent some time snorkeling with him and not much on diving…actually I did only 5 dives..hehe..

The second diving/snorkeling day, we went to Kapalai. As usual, it was amazing.

Before this trip, I informed the team of trying to go check out Bohey Dulang Island on our last day. After surveying some agents/contacts, we managed to get a good deal on the boats. In general, the trip from Semporna Jetty to Bohey Dulang Island will take about 4-5 hours including hiking up the hill for the view. But due to time constrain of our flight in the afternoon, we had to ensure we reached back Semporna Jetty on time to catch our flight. Our trip took us about 3 hours overall. Phew..were we in a rush but soo worth it! The view was phenomenal.

Then it came across our minds that we always go to the southern part of Semporna and not really explore the northern part which consist of Bohey Dulang Island and many other islands. With that, we are planning a trip to dive there..hehe..just not sure when.

Some pics of our trip.



Kota Kinbalu, again.

My first time to Sabah was when I started working. Set foot mostly in Sabah’s capital, Kota Kinabalu (KK), for work purposes and by that, it is based on scheduled work tentative. No room to explore other places during that period. Once finished with work, off I go back to KL.

If it wasn’t for work, prolly, I might think 3 times to go to Sabah for vacation.

The first time I arrived there, I enjoyed being in KK. The foods are ridiculously yummy and affordable, people are friendly and the surroundings are serene.

So, after my several out-stationed to KK, I told myself that I must go back there and visit other towns besides KK and around KK. And sure did.

Soon after, most of my trips to Sabah would consist of diving in Mabul as that’s the place where I got my OWD license and wouldn’t mind going there many times. The ocean and underwater scenery there is very beautiful.

Then, my first leisure trip to KK was on a rafting adventure with my colleagues in Oct 15. Remember we got conned on our initial plan to Mount Kinabalu? Yup, with all paid expenses for that trip, it would be a waste to let it pass-by, so we replace it with rafting in Padas, not far from KK. It was awesome! The road to Padas was one cool adventure, I must say.

Then, the 2nd time to KK for leisure was our 2nd round of planning to hike up Mt. Kinabalu in May 16. During this period, it was only concentrated on hiking..hehe..once we got down from the peak, off we head back to KL. Didn’t have time to sightseeing other places..hehe..

End of 2016 during the school holidays, yet again, I went to KK. This time around with my family. We went to few places within KK such as Poring, Ranau, Kundasang, Kiulu and some other nearby small towns. Along the way, we did a detour to Lahad Datu to visit some relatives there.

Sabah have many nice beautiful places to offer. The never ending spread of forest is just wow and with a slight view of the ocean nearby adds it up. You’ll never get bored in any city/town in Sabah.

Proved me wrong on what I assumed Sabah would be.

Next post will be about Sarawak, perhaps?..hehe.