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my baby..

A poem 4 my honey..

we met in ’93
came all d way from Sweden
alwiz patient with me
there’s no one else I can b ridden

now we’re 2gether again
loyal waiting 4 me every week
protecting me from d sun, fog n rain
without u, i’m flawless and weak

black n red is ur thing
still tough n running
it’s me u alwiz bring
this love aint stopping

going in n out from d ‘hospital’
i know they’re fixing u
dun let ur spirit fall
i’ll be waiting 4 u

i want no other but u, baby..


Grand Canyon..

Today I watched Fool’s Rush In and the movie set was in Nevada. More specifically near the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam.These both famous landmarks are between the boundaries of Nevada n Arizona. Then, it hit me..yeah..Grand Canyon. The World’s incredible rock land that’s full of layers. From afar, it looks like some ‘kuih lapis’ (some kinda Malay cuisine). It’s so beautiful with the color complexion that changes with the collaboration of the sun. I mean, its one of those things that made you humble with God’s creation in this world.

It is located in Arizona (my second fave state) and kinda near to the Hoover Dam. It is a steep-sided gorge carved by the Colorado River. It is largely contained within the Grand Canyon Canyon National Park that happened to be one of the first national parks in the USA.

The formation of the Grand Canyon is still questionable but the longstanding scientific consensus has been that the canyon was created by the Colorado River over a period of 6 million years. The most powerful force to have an impact on the Grand Canyon is erosion primarily by water and ice and second by wind.

Water seems to have had the most impact basically because our planet has lots of it and it is alwiz on the move. But how can water play a major impact since the canyon is practically in a desert?. This is because the soil in the Grand Canyon is baked by the Sun and it tends to become very hard that causes no water absorption when the rain comes. Even the roots are not that strong. The roots of the plants there are shallow in order to get much water as possible..yea..rain is a rare occasion. So now, there are plenty of water and have no where to go but down the Colorado River and nothing holding the soil and rock in place.

The next powerful force is probably its slid form, ice. In the colder month, water steeps into cracks between the rocks. These cracks can be caused by seismic activity or by the constant soaking and drying process of the rocks (i guess…hehe). When the water freezes, it expands and pushes the rocks apart which later widens the cracks. Eventually the rocks near the rim are pushed off the edge and fall into the side canyons. With all the pushing and pulling, it formed the Grand Canyon.

More infos on the canyon can be googled :p

I was awed when I first time saw the Grand Canyon and just standing there with it right in front of my eyes. It’s something that tends to stay in your mind till you get old.hehe..The view was sooo damn spectacular that all I can do was mouth-dropped. (and it is still spectacular).

View of the grand Canyon, Arizona

Sungguh indah ciptaan Allah.



Tried to take a picture
Of love
Didn’t think I’d miss him
That much
I want to fill this new frame
But it’s empty

Tried to write a letter
In ink
It’s been getting better
I think
I got a piece of paper
But it’s empty
It’s empty

Maybe we’re trying
Trying too hard
Maybe we’re torn apart
Maybe the timing
Is beating our hearts
We’re empty


Loch Ness Monster..

my mom with my cousins at Loch Ness, ScotlandMy mom with my cousins at Loch Ness, Scotland

The Loch Ness Monster is one of the famous legends in this world.  It is  an alleged animal,  identified  neither as to family or species and claimed to inhabit at Loch Ness, Scotland. It was said that the Loch Ness Monster only existed once in their generation. Meaning that they have both the female and male parts as there are only one of them at a time. So once the LNM is getting old, an egg will be produced. And the old one will die leaving the egg to grow up on their own.

The Loch Ness Monster is one of the best-known animals studied by the crptozoologists. Yep..cuz there is still no physical proof about their existance, and like everyone is talking bout it since back in the 19th century. yeah, there’s pix of the Loch Ness Monster but it can be invented to looked like one.

The Loch Ness Monster have many alternative names such as Nessiteras Rhombopteryx, Nessie, Niseag (Scottish Gaelic), the LNM. It is consider as a lake monster. The term ‘monster’ was used by Alex Campbell, the water bailiff for Loch Ness and a part-time journalist on May 2, ’33. Then on Aug. 4, ’33, Campbell’s publication published as a full news of the story claimed by a  London guy named George Spicer. He claimed that he and his wife had seen a close up of a dragon trundling across the road toward the Loch with ‘an animal’ in its mouth. A month later, a student report a similar encounter while on a drive. These stories came national and afterward international which talked about ‘a monster fish’, ‘sea serpent’, ‘dragon’ then eventually settled on ‘Loch Ness Monster’. Later on Dec.6, ’34, the 1st photograph of LNM was published. It was continued with many similar sightings or stories remembered being told. Further investigations were made on LNM and came with additional material such as it was eventually woven into the continuum of sightings dating from the 6th century A.D. till to the present. Appeared to a strong case for the existence of a large, possibly unknown and unidentified animal living in Loch Ness.

LNM is so famous that many Hollywood movies were based on it. For instance, the latest movie that was influenced by LNM is The Water Horse. The boy in dat movie even named LNM, Crusoe. So cute..hehe. I think it’s a cool movie to watch if u wanna know a lil more about LNM. It’s facts material but it is a 1 hour and a half movie, so can’t expect much. The Water Horse is a nice family movie I recommend u to watch    :p

Thanx to Wikipedia..hehe


me and Michael Jordan.

Everyone knows Michael Jordan. Especially the kids who were growing up in the early 90’s. hehe..

I mean Michael Jordan. Who haven’t heard of him?. The world’s best basketball player in the world. I know LeBron James was the youngest to draft in NBA but in my heart Mike’s the best till dis day on. Even his jersey number is soo famous..u can see rite now. Beckham for instance, he’s wearing it too. To him, it’s like his lucky charm when he’s playing. The number 23. Sounds familiar?..yup..dat movie starring Jim Carrey. see?? 23 is sooo famous..!!..hehe.

During his times, the Bulls were like soo unbeatable. They won up to 4 Championships in a row. a row..awesome ait. Till now, not a single team can beat that record. And of course, me as a fan never missed watching all his playoffs.Wel, not only me, I guess my whole family were into it.  When the Bulls were playing, my mom would prepare the dinner early so we can catch the game at 8pm. My mom liked Jordan too until it got to my dad’s nerve..hehe. Well what can we say, Jordan’s a gentleman. Even though he’s rich, he lived in a humble environment. His house is just d ordinary type. Not like Bechkam’s dat up to about $???? Million. He lives in Chigaco. Just 40 minutes drive up north from where we used to live. Me and my sisters wanted to see his house but guess luck was not on our side.

My 5th grade teacher, Mr. Walker, would always give us homework when the Bulls were playing. the homework: watch the game and pray they win. He’s on of the fanatic fan I’ve known. IF the Bulls lost, we’ll have 1 minute of silence. His classroom is filled with Jordan’s poster asides the maps and all.

Then his movie came out. ‘Space Jam’. We went to see the premiere. Damn was it great. I mean seeing ur allstar acting and all. but his character is himself but who cares..haha. my mom also bought the movie’s VCR tape after 6 months of its premiere. (masa tu takde CD n DVD lg..masih dlm kajian):p

One Christmas, when my relatives were visiting us, my parents took us to Jordan’s restaurant. heck dang was it big..haha. If the Bulls were playing, people can sit there and watch the game. There’s a big screen live in the center. So, we just went there 4 fun. Wanna see wut was Jordan’s favorite dish. and see some of his collections. Jordan’s the type that really interacts with his fans but unfortunately  he was not there when we came..huhu.

At that time, my room was filled with Jordan’s posters while all my friends were hanging the BSB, Boyzone, NSYNC posters. Michael Jordan made me want to be a better athlete (at dat time..not anymore now). I planned to get my scholarship through sports but guess dat nvr happened..haha. He’s someone that I want to be but not into sports business but to be brave and have all the guts to go 4 ur dreams.

I may not be his fanatic fan and he doesn’t even know who I am but I am grateful to have known him. He may be talented in shooting hoops and slam dunking but his personality kinda touches me.


fun facebook..

heard of facebook?..

i think its one of the coolest social networking website besides friendster, myspace, multiply and so on. There are up to a zillion apllications u can add into ur own page and invite ur frens to d same apps. u can like race each others’ cars and once u got enuf money, u can upgade ur car. and also u can adopt a pet and ur frens can help u take care of it..Still dun understand ?? a lot of Qs in ur mind?..

Lets go back to history..Facebook was launched on Feb.4, 2004 and was founded by Mark Zuckerberg. He did it back when he was attending Harvard University. Initially, membership was restricted to students of Harvard but by end of Feb., more than 1/2 of d undergraduate population at Harvard were registered on the service. It then expend to MIT, Boston Uni., Northeastern Uni., and all the Ivy League schools within 2 months. That’s sure an achievement!

Later, he launched the high school iteration of Facebook on Sept. 2005. By the end of the year, more than 2000 colleges and over 25000 high schools throughout 7 countries including US, Canada and UK had networks on Facebook. Then Facebook finally became open to everyone on Sept.11, 2006. Isn’t it cool?yea..

It contains so many features, I dun think I can write all of it here..hehe.

One thing I like bout Facebook is that it really helps me connect back with my old friends back in the States and the guy i used to have a crush on..hehe..but its true..

U know the feeling of meeting back ur childhood friend, the person u used to play catch with, the one u share ur crayons. Well, for really touches my heart. Looking back how small they were and now all grown up.

Through Facebook, I found out that one of my good friend committed suicide in 2007. From Facebook, I got to know that my friend just got engaged to a wonderful girl. Some of my friends already have babies. Wish I was there throughout all the events.

so..if any of u got facebook, please add me in it:

Never know..maybe we used to meet back in the years..!!hehe

With this Techs nowadays..anything is possible..

Believe in urself n u’ll b fine..


my ibu, my everything…


Her name was Latifah Mohd. Nor. She was born in Singapore but grew up in Melaka. She spent most of her life in the USA. Right after 12th grade (form 5) she continued her studies at Northern Illinois University, De Kalb. All the way until she got her doctorate. She got many job offers such as from IBM, University of Chicago and some more but she declined the offers and instead she took a job as a lecturer at International Islamic University Malaysia. She did so because she wanted to help her own nationality back in Malaysia. She worked hard until it paid off. Every subjects that she taught, 90% of the students got an average grade of A. But as busy as she ever been, she was always there for her family especially her children. She feed, shelter, care, taught them. She never missed on putting her kids to sleep even when they are already teenagers. She never complained about how naughty her children was. She was always patient with them. She always listened to her children problems even if she got some other things to do. Every day she would say her children was her joy in this world. Her children was her life. Her children was her priority than herself. She loved to save money but not for herself instead for her children needs and every month she would donated it to the orphanage. There’s more about her that is so hard to describe with words.

On September 28th, 2006, she passed away. She may be gone but her existence is always with me.

She is my mother and this is her story.