fun facebook..

heard of facebook?..

i think its one of the coolest social networking website besides friendster, myspace, multiply and so on. There are up to a zillion apllications u can add into ur own page and invite ur frens to d same apps. u can like race each others’ cars and once u got enuf money, u can upgade ur car. and also u can adopt a pet and ur frens can help u take care of it..Still dun understand ?? a lot of Qs in ur mind?..

Lets go back to history..Facebook was launched on Feb.4, 2004 and was founded by Mark Zuckerberg. He did it back when he was attending Harvard University. Initially, membership was restricted to students of Harvard but by end of Feb., more than 1/2 of d undergraduate population at Harvard were registered on the service. It then expend to MIT, Boston Uni., Northeastern Uni., and all the Ivy League schools within 2 months. That’s sure an achievement!

Later, he launched the high school iteration of Facebook on Sept. 2005. By the end of the year, more than 2000 colleges and over 25000 high schools throughout 7 countries including US, Canada and UK had networks on Facebook. Then Facebook finally became open to everyone on Sept.11, 2006. Isn’t it cool?yea..

It contains so many features, I dun think I can write all of it here..hehe.

One thing I like bout Facebook is that it really helps me connect back with my old friends back in the States and the guy i used to have a crush on..hehe..but its true..

U know the feeling of meeting back ur childhood friend, the person u used to play catch with, the one u share ur crayons. Well, for me..it really touches my heart. Looking back how small they were and now all grown up.

Through Facebook, I found out that one of my good friend committed suicide in 2007. From Facebook, I got to know that my friend just got engaged to a wonderful girl. Some of my friends already have babies. Wish I was there throughout all the events.

so..if any of u got facebook, please add me in it:


Never know..maybe we used to meet back in the years..!!hehe

With this Techs nowadays..anything is possible..

Believe in urself n u’ll b fine..


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