Sungai Congkak, Hulu Langat, Malaysia..

Today for Labor Day (1 May 2008), I went to this place called Sungai Congkak. There was some Family Day there and some of the MMU students was needed to be the vacillators for the kids’ events. There are 3 levels for the kids – PraSekolah, Tahap 1, Tahap 2. Me, Khalieshah, Wani n Yana was in charge for the Tahap 2 which consist of 4,5 n 6 graders. My group was the all-girls of 5 and they call themselves Rabbani..hehe..(easy for me to call them all at once..). Man, they were cute and adorable..reminds me of my childhood for a while..hehe..It was my first time to be a vacillator here at MMU.

We played 2 games involves Ukhuwah/ Unity. Luckily, Rabbani won overall..hehe. I was happy for them.

Then, it was time to….Cool off at the Sungai…hehe. My friends took us to this kinda discrete place..we had to jump over, climb over a log and walk a lil’ bit…then we arrived to our port. Was kinda funny cuz plenty of us did not bring extra clothes with the excuse of not planning to go in the water..haha..yea right. Once there, all of us scramble in the water..haha. That’s when all the regrets come to gather..’oh!why did i not bring my clothes?…Dang, I should have brought extra clothes….blablabla..’. haha

In the water, we played a game. A game of Q’s. It was divided into 2 groups of 5. Wani and me were the instructors :P. If a group did not answer correctly, the other group hafta splash water at them. yea..at them..but me and Wani got wet too..haha..It was fun..and an enjoyable moment.

After hanging in the water, we dug in for some ice creams..haha..12 girls with 1 ice cream man serving. yup..tell me all about it. We were like kids and having our 1st ice cream..haha..even some of us had like 2 or more ice creams..

For me, it was something to be there. Even though we come from differ backgrounds but we all enjoy the Sungai..hehe..and just have fun for a while. Especially with the kids we hang out with. We got to interact and get to know them even for a few moments. It may be a one thing event but the memories are 4ever..



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