In Malaysia, there are many places to visit such as Pulau Tioman, Pulau Redang, Port Dickson, Malacca but there is only 1 place that I love. And that is Kemaman :p

Among all the 13 states here in Malaysia, I like Terengganu the most. Maybe because of its beaches that makes me wanna go there often..hehe..I even plan to marry a man from Terengganu so I don’t have to stay at a hotel every time I go there, Just stay at his parents’ house…(well, that was a  high school daydreaming session..haha).

If you are looking for a typical Malay house and its environment, then welcome to Kemaman. It got all the things you’ve been looking for. I mean, staying there it’s like living in the 50’s era. With still the fishing boats that go to sea every morning at 4.00am. The wooden houses that looks like it came from a painting. The kids playing soccer with a coconut. The smell of dried fish out under the sun. The continuous waves pounding the shore.  It is really a something. It made me more appreciative in life.

Asides from that, the foods are fabulous. I mean really fabulous especially the satar…yum2…my fave. It has its own flavor to it that you just don’t get tired of eating it..hehe. Love it. It sells everywhere you go at Kemaman until you don’t know which one to buy from.hehe..And also the keropok lekor. so damn yummy. Yeah..I know..Kemaman is near the sea and it is non-stop fish flowing but the way they make it is soo ‘tak tamak’. Mostly, people will put more flour in the keropok lekor than the fish in it..but here at Kemaman, the taste of the fish is rich.

Now, Kemaman. Where do they get that name?.. Well, in the early second century, Kemaman was known as ‘Kole’ by Ptolemy (a Greek astrologer). He noted 2 ports on the East Coast of Malay Peninsula, Perimula and Kole. Kole is agreed to be Kemaman elsewhere Perimula is to be the mouth of Terengganu River.  The history of Kemaman is unclear due to its lack of written evidence but it was agreed that Kemaman was explored by Chee Wan Teh (a Pahang nobleman). Later, Kemaman was primarily known to the petroleum and oil industry. Kemaman is home to the deepest seaport in Malaysia. Besides that, Kemaman also have traditional industries such as fishing and salted fish manufacturing.

Also, Kemaman is the home for turtle nesting…hehe..Sometimes in its season, we can watch the turtles lay its egg on the shore…but sometimes the eggs are tend to be others delicacies. I have never tried it as its soo not my thing for food..hehe. Well, now the nested eggs are being protected as if not, the turtles here will be extincted.

If you plan to go on vacation, think Kemaman…

Visit Terengganu 2008     :p


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