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my twisted ankle..

my Gosh..the last time I got a serious twisted ankle was soo long ago but fat chance..I just got 1 now. I twisted my ankle during a Futsal match…n it hurts..I cant walk…dunno if I can make to class at 10am later..(yess!) la.

I twisted my right ankle. The ice has melted…2 packets already. It got to be better..if not..I wont be enjoying walking..

Anyhoo, starting 2moro…our mid break will start…Yahoo..!!..cant wait to get home. Cant wait to ride my baby..miss ollie sooo much..hehe..


believe me..haha..

Back in Year Two of my degree (Gamma)…me n my frens alwiz share songs with each other. For long as the beat was cool..its ok…I kinda never look at the lyrics of any songs..just the beat. And 1 day, my fren gave me dis song…Fort Minor – Believe me…it was the 1st release here in Malaysia. It was a cool I wanna share it with my then boyfren, HIjrah.

So 1 nite, I gave him the song thru YM…but didnt stay long to hear his response about d song becuz I got some group discussions dat nite.Later, I met up with him at the food court for some late nite supper…but I noticed something differ abut him…whenever I asked wuts wrong..he would not say….until dat late nite..He YM me n asked me wut did it meant by giving him dat song?..I was like…I gave it to u becuz I liked it and wanna share it with u…He didnt bought dat..n we end up arguing over useless issues…then he finally said it..

He asked me if i understood the song..I obviously answered no…then he gave me the lyrics of it…It turned out that he thought I was about to dumped him..haha..Dang..I didnt realized that he was the type that looked into lyrics than the beat…soo opposite of me..haha..

From dat day on…I had to be careful when I want to give any of my faves song to him..haha..really looked at the lyrics   :p

Heres the lyrics of Believe me:

I guess,
That this is where we’ve come to,
If you don’t want to,
Then you don’t have to,
Believe me,
But I, won’t be there when you go down,
Just so you know now,
You’re on your own now, believe me.


I don’t wanna be the one to blame,
You like fun and games,
Keep playin’ them,
I’m just sayin’,
Think back then,
We was like one and the same,
On the right track,
But I was on the wrong train,
it’s like that,
now you’ve gotta face the pain,
And the devil’s got a fresh new place to play,
In your brain, like a maze, you could never escape the rain,
Every damn day’s the same shade of grey,


I used to have a little bit of a plan,
Used to, have a concept of where I stand,
But that concept slipped right outta my hand,
And now, I don’t really even know who I am, yo,
What do I have to say,
Maybe, I should do what I have to do, to break free,
And, whatever happens to you, we’ll see,
But it’s not gonna happen with me,

I guess,
That this is where we’ve come to (yeah),
If you don’t want to,
Then you don’t have to,
Believe me,
But I, won’t be there when you go down (yeah),
Just so you know now,
You’re on your own now, believe me.

Back then, I thought you were just like me,
Somebody who could see all the pain I see,
But you proved to me, unintentionally,
That you would self-destruct, eventually,
Now I’m thinking like a mistake I made doesn’t hurt, but,
It’s not gonna work,
”cause it’s really much worse than I thought,
I wished you were something you were not,
And now this guilt is really all that I’ve got, (all)

You turn your back and walk away in shame,
All you got is a memory of pain,
Nothing makes sense if you stare at the ground,
I hear my voice in your head when no-one else is around(else is around)
So what do I have to say,
Maybe, I should do what I have to do, to break free,
And, whatever happens to you, we’ll see,
But it’s not gonna happen with me,



I’m doing my Final Year Project Part 1 this year and its about Google Android. Its a wide topic and I was to create a handphone application based on the Android. I’m doing about E-learning. More specifically..about animals..haha..yup..animals. Teens nowadays tend to have their handphone every single second on their hand so if this application really works..they can kinda use it. Its informative too..haha..yea..animals..

Now, I have to do some simple programmings in SDK android to prove to my supervisor that I actually know how to do it. BUT it’s hard..haha..I knw I’m not suppose to complain but its true..I barely making a program now. Its week 6 n i only got the layout done..I’m sooo dead…HELP!!


Jang Dong Gun..

I was introduced to Korean drama series/ movies when I was 17 years old. That time was the Winter Sonata era where everyone went fanatic on the main actor, Bae Young Jun. Except me. I was strucked by this one and only actor named Jang Dong Gun…damn he’s hot..pheww. First time I saw him was when I was watching All about Eve. Its about a girl trying to survive at the broadcasting industry and faced a lot of challenges not forgetting she fell in love with the boss’s son..hehe..

He’s one of the well-known actors at Korea. He’s active in humanitarian works. Luv him..haha..

Thats all I can say..


Boneca – Cela

A fren of mine gave me this’s quite nice. For a Malay song..

Here’s the lyrics..

Rabak mataku,
Pena menari-nari,
Tinta berdarah,
Kata membara-bara.

Masanya ku bernafas,
Kini terakhir kali,
Puas sudah ku sesak,
Dalam dunia sepi.

Dulu tersungkur,
Kini berdiri,
Kau bermain api,
Kini ku bakari,

Dulu menunduk,
Kini ku celik,
Kau bermain api.

Engkau mahu sempurna,
Engkau jadi sempurna,
Biar aku bahagia dengan celaku.

Engkau mahu malaikat,
Turun dari kayangan,
Biar aku bahagia dengan celaku.

Mengapa tidak engkau cermin saja,
Dirimu yang sempurna,
Ku bahagia dengan cela.

Mengapa tidak kau bercinta saja,
Dengan dirimu yang sempurna,
Ku bahagia dengan cela.

Siapa yang mampu mencapai mahumu?
Bila mana kau juga seorang manusia?


without u guys..its weird here..

The 1st time I entered MMU Cyberjaya for my degree program..I thought..’Dang, I’m gonna be stuck here with my fun’…yup..she was alwiz on my nerve..calling me..smsing every single second asking where I was…as if I am still a kid. Everytime if she goes out with her frens..she would called me asking if I need anything..not that I need it but since she’s ‘belanja’ing me…bleh sja :p hehe..

She has this 1 best fren named Aida. She too would call me to ask me where I was or what I’m doing. Not that I dun care…but I want to experience things myself without my sister’s console. I used to go out late at nights without telling her…barely sms her…barely lunch with her…n many more..until 1 day.

She told me theres this guy who likes her. I thought it was just a crush..but it turn out to be serious..dat guy really LIKES my sister. During that time..I couldn’t accept it cuz she’s not the type who would fall for a guy..well..she did used to have small crushes..but this one was different. Not that I was jealous that my sister was spending more time with him..but I’m her sister..she should b with me..not with some guy.

So..whenever I go out..I would sms her if she wants anything. My kaklong loves american brownies at secret I would often go there and buy it for her..until I found out that…that guy also buy it for her..that really bugged me..

Mostly..if I go to shopping malls..I would buy foods…like auntie anne’s…cinnabons…famous amos…baskin I would used to bring back any foods I know my kaklong would love..if I bought 1 for kaklong..I would buy 1 for kak Aida.

It then turned into a normal routine for me…buying stuff for my kaklong n kak aida. I would sms them everytime I would go out..even to McD’s..or Hassan’s..or D’Arif’s…

Also…we would study together during d finals..walked together to d library..and buying snacks while we study. When she study..I would kacau her for a while..haha..she’s too serious when studying..

Now..both kaklong and kak Aida is no longer here in MMU..they are graduating this August..

They just finished their studies last June..

Now..I’m in my new sem for my final year..n I’m bored..I miss smsing my kaklong whenever I go out..going to her room checking if she’s ok…I miss laughing with kak aida..with her new jokes..I miss the way she talks..

I just miss them here at MMU…

without them..its weird here..


missing my ibu..


i miss u..

i miss ur voice calling my name..

i miss how u would come to my room every morning

and wake me up for fajr prayer..

i miss the soft touch of ur hand on my face..

i miss the feel of safety when i’m in ur arms..

i miss ur scolding..

showing me that u care..

i miss ur ringtone…letting me know thats it u calling..

i miss ur nasi briyani n all the foods u usually cook for us..

i miss ur laughter..letting us know u r happy..

i miss how u would cuddle me when i am sick..

i miss the words u alwiz told me..

i miss the view of u when watching winter sonata..

i miss all ur smses u used to give me..

i miss how u alwiz tell me to clean up my room..

i miss having tea with u..

i miss how u look at me..with all that love glowing..

i miss going to central market with u…buying korean cds..

i miss kissing ur hand everytime i return back to campus..

i miss u picking out clothes for me..

i miss u so, ibu….

have been and alwiz will..

love u