2day I went touring..I was a tourist here at KL..haha. I went with my sister n her husband..dang dat felt weird typing..haha. Anyways..we went to KL to do some business..need to go to the Celcom center near the Citibank building to do some upgrading of the service..confusing?..me too..I was just accompanying them both so i barely know wut the hell happened. Then I somewhat met my fren there..hehe..

rupa-rupanya dia kerja di situ. Her name is Hanani..she was my former classmates back in form 1. I know she is working but I didnt know it was that place..hehe..such a coincidence.

while i was sitting down..my phone rang..I saw her name pop up but it never occured to me that she was there..she asked me where was I..and I told her that I was at this Celcom center..and then she told me to look up..thats when I saw her…laughing n looking at me..hehe..glad I saw her..dh lama tak jumpa Hanani..

We just talked and talked…haha..

After that..the 3 of us went to KLCC to have our lunch at Subway..they make the nicest n tastiest sandwich..yum2..no offense to Dave’s Deli..hehe..and we took pix around KLCC and the surrounds…it was a blast..with the people around us..seeing people is a nice thing to do..haha..

Later..we went home..hehe..


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