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jonathan taylor thomas..

Lately..we can see dat d teens nowadays are soo into the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron n etc…

But during my time..d kids growing up in d 90’ was d hanson’s…moffatts..BSB..Nsync…Devon Sawa..7th Heaven…all those thingy..oh yea…got all the list…hehe

Anyhoo..there’s dis 1 particular actor dat got me hanging since I was in 4th grade..he’s the gorgous guy i ever laid my eyes on..haha..(sorry Alex!)..

That actor’s name is Jonathan Taylor Thomas…1st time I saw him was on Home Improvement..a cool tv series during dat time.

short info on JTT:

Birth name: Jonathan Taylor Weiss

Birth Date: Sept. 8, 1981

Height: 5’4 (I knw..he’s short..haha)

Interest: Basketball, History, Books

Uni attended: Harvard University (Educated guy..oh yea!)

more on him can be googled..!

The thing I like about him was dat he has the cutest smile..n just by looking at him..I can just smile or smirk..haha..

Also, He’s 1 of the famous child star alive..

I watched all his movies n his TV series..but now…he only do small roles..the last time I saw him was in Chloe love cute.!

here’s his pix   😀

wanna put more pix of him..but then it’ll look like i’m bragging bout him..haha..


berbuka d putrajaya..

On September 17th, my ayah sent me back to my campus here at MMU, Cyberjaya because still got 2 assignments that need to be submitted by this Friday. So off we went. We hit d road at around 530pm…my ayah wanted to eat at the Selera Putra..some foodcourt beneath the Putra mosque. Only my ayah and Hakimi sent sisters were not around in the time being..sob sob..

Before we went there, my ayah stopped by at this bazaar to buy me ‘bubur lambok’. I can’t eat solid food due to my insane tortured braces stuck on my teeth. I can barely chew..can only swallow..haha..

Arrived at the mosque around 630pm and we just hang out there for a bit..just looking at the sunset…so nice..

While waiting for my ayah to call me and Hakimi to break our fast…me n Hakimi took our sweet time to take pix…hehe

Later, we went inside the mosque to break our fast and pray Maghrib there.

After dat…we went to d nasi kandar stall…d iced milk tea there is fabulous…yummy!…I ordered 2 times..haha…even my ayah took a sipped of it and liked it…

Dah abis makan…kami bergerak ke MMU…huhu..

Solat Tarawih d Masjid Al-Hidayah d MMU..then ayah n Hakimi pulang ke GOmbak..

A cool nite!


Kenduri n Doa Selamat…

2nite…my ayah, mommy (my aunt) and relatives did a small gathering at mommy’s house to do doa selamat for my ibu, grandpa n uncle who has passed away…

n at the same time..kita berbuka puasa bersama-sama…(Duh!)…haha..

I was grateful and touched for the gathering…Love u guys…

me n my cousins..b4 the kenduri  ~~~~~~~~ makcik rokiah n mommy..

hakimi with cousin..

berbuka time..yum!


me with hakimi..

Daddy with cousins…

at 1130pm…I went back to MMU…

wut a day 2day..hehe..

mixed feeling 4 sure..


1 morning with yana..haha..

This morning…liyana (another fren with d same name..hehe..) or simply yana…accompany me to send my auntie (my ibu’s good fren back in the States…) or known as Ummi to Saudi Arabia as d flight was supposedly at 12pm but was delay to 4pm due to heavy rain..

Ummi will be staying there for 5 years…with her husband of course…hehe..

Ummi here..

Ummi with her Nusrat n Iffat (her kids..)  :p

Me with Ummi

Dun 4get….Liyana!!..

Before leaving…we stop by at the Choc store…oh yea!!

Choosing which choc to buy..

with our chocs..haha

Posing around KLIA…haha…seriously takde kerja…

bye bye KLIA…



an evening with liyana..haha..

On Sept. 5…me n liyana (one of d gurls) did not go home for d weekend. So kita berdua duduk sorang2 dlm bilik masing2..hehe…n since Ramadhan ni….sy ajak liyana buka puasa sma2..We ate at Padi..a nice restaurant here at Cybejaya 😀

Then afta tarawih..n its friday nite…(0 yea!)..we plan to catch a late nite movie…so off we went to Alamanda’s cinema…

We arrived at around 1030pm…then straight to d cinema to buy d tickets..there was not much option to choose from..n liyana suggest a scary movie…yup…scary movie…huhu..the only 1 available was Ghost House..this Thai scary movie..haha..

the tickets..

yup..d show start at like 1 hour waiting :p

waiting and just looking at d closed shops..haha..

still got time to take pix  :p

here’s d photo of d movie we watched…

it was kinda scary..but not dat scary..just terkejut-kejut je..haha…

afta d show…we went to d parking lot…soo dark…we ran like crazy to get into d car..haha..

since both of us were alone in our own rooms…I slept at her gave me chills to go to d bathroom alone…lg2 afta watching dat movie..hehehehe….so me n liyana went 2gether   :p

saling menemani…




blowing thru my face…

as i sat watching thru the trees..

every time i see a movement..

my mind lies to me

telling me its u..

but its just a leaf..

and a bit of imagination

triggered by the hope

by the sadness

by the anger growing inside me

the promise you made

i expected u to keep..

you said u’ll alwiz be there for me

you said u’d save me

i wish i could hold on..

the breeze is just here

but not u

i can’t see u..but i can feel u…

everyday i stand outside

to feel the wind..

reminds me of u…forever…


Viva la vida..!

my currently enjoyable song..hehe..