an evening with liyana..haha..

On Sept. 5…me n liyana (one of d gurls) did not go home for d weekend. So kita berdua duduk sorang2 dlm bilik masing2..hehe…n since Ramadhan ni….sy ajak liyana buka puasa sma2..We ate at Padi..a nice restaurant here at Cybejaya 😀

Then afta tarawih..n its friday nite…(0 yea!)..we plan to catch a late nite movie…so off we went to Alamanda’s cinema…

We arrived at around 1030pm…then straight to d cinema to buy d tickets..there was not much option to choose from..n liyana suggest a scary movie…yup…scary movie…huhu..the only 1 available was Ghost House..this Thai scary movie..haha..

the tickets..

yup..d show start at 1140pm..so like 1 hour waiting :p

waiting and just looking at d closed shops..haha..

still got time to take pix  :p

here’s d photo of d movie we watched…

it was kinda scary..but not dat scary..just terkejut-kejut je..haha…

afta d show…we went to d parking lot…soo dark…we ran like crazy to get into d car..haha..

since both of us were alone in our own rooms…I slept at her room..hehe..it gave me chills to go to d bathroom alone…lg2 afta watching dat movie..hehehehe….so me n liyana went 2gether   :p

saling menemani…



1 Response to “an evening with liyana..haha..”

  1. 1 ija
    September 22, 2008 at 5:31 pm

    woaw..even the small things u really do treasure huh…bt i never actually see u writing a diary…hehee

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