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my frens came over 2day..! frens came jln ‘raya’…that’s wut we do during Eid Mubarak..we go visit to our reletives or frens’ house just to chat up…

But b4 dat…they went to some other frens’ house nearby and I didnt get to joined them..

Actually..yesterday me n my family were at a differ state which is at Pahang…my uncle was doing some open house n we all slept at his place…n returned back home 2day..

So Right afta visiting some relative’s houses…my dad dropped me off at mima’s house…since all my frens were waiting there for me to joined them…

Later…since they were all here in Gombak…they went over to my place…Finally.!!..hehe..

bukan senang nk kumpul smua org dtg rumah kita ni…hehe..

n not forgetting…2day is nenek lynda’s bday..hehe

me with the bday gurl..!


So u think u can dance??..oh yea…

I haven’t watched So you think you can dance…but today somehow I found myself watching it..the season 4…I downloaded it from the net right after I finished my finals at 5pm..I only watched the last 4 episodes n I tend to like Twitch…hehe..He’s one hottie that can sicking dance…haha..

The Season 4 was premiered back in May 2008 and ended on August 2008..the winner was Joshua not Twitch..sob sob sob

Joshua himself was awesome too..but I still like Twitch..hehe…

Here’s one of the coolest clip of Twitch performing…enjoy..!!!


fin!…is it really?..

2day was my last paper for the finals this trimester. Finally..!!  Haha…at last I can get some rest and SLEEP!!..

but wait…is it really finished?…or just fin for a sec then cont’d back the stressful days of traunt? or will it really be fin once d result is out?..hhmm..


Nurrizan in memories…Al-Fatihah

On Oct. 5th..we got d news regarding our beloved fren, Nurrizan Harun has passed away at 5:00pm at her hometown in Pahang. She suffered a disease called SLE. She was 19 years old.

First time I met her was back in February 2008..she was the new intake here. She was doing her bachelor’s degree in the Engineering field and happened to be my junior of 2 years. She was an easy going person who loves to smile. She is quite talkative and liked to share stories with others. She was an avid Quran reader.

She will be remembered and loved.

Nurrizan Harun


the 1st..

Back in 1991, my ayah bought me dis remote toy car…my very 1st remote car..Porsche 911..

I didnt really play it much..sayang sgt…so just put it in my room..n just kept it there..n its there..

until 1 day..when i was in the living lil brother was messing around in my room..going thru my things in hoping to find a toy to play with…

a minute later he came out with a bag in his hand..n he went to me and asked, “Angah, can I play with dis car?”…I looked inside the bag n saw it was that old..sooo long ago remote toy car that I barely touched for more than a decade..

I myself didnt know it was still here living..haha..yea..thought it was already gone..

I can’t believe my ibu kept it throughout the years..I mean she knew how much I am into cars n loved that toy car…thanx ibu..muah2!

I didn’t expect it to work cuz it was barely touched and the ‘engine’ did not turned on for quite some time…

it requires 4 C-size batteries..which is kinda hard to find in Malaysia..since over here D-size is often used in all the equipments…

and wut a miracle…it WORKED!!..haha

it’s cool to play with it..but it is sooo damn slow…just watching it move from 1 place to another takes a century…