the 1st..

Back in 1991, my ayah bought me dis remote toy car…my very 1st remote car..Porsche 911..

I didnt really play it much..sayang sgt…so just put it in my room..n just kept it there..n its there..

until 1 day..when i was in the living room..my lil brother was messing around in my room..going thru my things in hoping to find a toy to play with…

a minute later he came out with a bag in his hand..n he went to me and asked, “Angah, can I play with dis car?”…I looked inside the bag n saw it was that old..sooo long ago remote toy car that I barely touched for more than a decade..

I myself didnt know it was still here living..haha..yea..thought it was already gone..

I can’t believe my ibu kept it throughout the years..I mean she knew how much I am into cars n loved that toy car…thanx ibu..muah2!

I didn’t expect it to work cuz it was barely touched and the ‘engine’ did not turned on for quite some time…

it requires 4 C-size batteries..which is kinda hard to find in Malaysia..since over here D-size is often used in all the equipments…

and wut a miracle…it WORKED!!..haha

it’s cool to play with it..but it is sooo damn slow…just watching it move from 1 place to another takes a century…


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