29 November 2008 ~~ <3 ~~

Today, me and kak Aida went out. Just the 2 of us…We hit d road at 830am and went to Sunway Pyramid. Kak Aida had already booked the Twilight movie tickets. At 1st, I was not that interested but Kak Aida kept on saying dat its gud n kept on talking bout it since she has all the 4 books..haha..anyway I trusted her..



We arrived at Sunway at around 9.00am and most of the stores were still closed. We decided we would have our breakfast first since some of the cafes were opened..After searching for a place to eat..we end up at Starbucks..yummy..


Then when it was time..we went to d cinema..


Twilight is a nice movie to watch..It’s more towards romance..and it’s sweet..hehe..


I like Jasper even though he doesn’t show up often in dat movie….he’s cute and have his own ‘gelagat’..haha..


soo adorable  😀

after the show ended, we went shopping..hehe…d fun part!


Then we had our lunch at Wendy’s..after 20 mins of thinking where to eat..haha..


shopping some more..n also took some pix..hehe..

n dun forget…kak aida’s new ride!!..




1 Response to “29 November 2008 ~~ <3 ~~”

  1. December 2, 2008 at 4:56 am

    Hehehe,,Kantoi…dah tau dah mawaddah ada blogg,,,kekekekek

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