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chillexing with my colleagues…

Ever since the internship started, we, the 6 of us from both MMU Melaka n Cyberjaya campus made a tradition of making Wednesdays our nite off after work. It’s either a movie, minum2 or bowling, etc. Unfortunately, only 4 of us had it going on..huhu..

Usually it was d movies we often do on Weds since d tickets are cheaper in a sense…but on Dec. 17th, we did something differ…we went bowling..yipee!!


We went to dis place called Ole – Ole, Section 18, Shah Alam..located near our office..


Ruban, Lynn n me went together..


Elsewhere, Sharman reached there with his can’t-let-u-be-alone motorcycle..hehe..


We bowled only 1 game..hehe…We mostly laughed when d ball go inside d ‘longkang’ n high-fived when either of us strike or made a spare…

I was d horrible player of them all..hehe..I lost big time..84 of 115. Lynn was the winner…followed by Ruban. Sharman was 3rd.

pc176866 pc176863

Later after d game, Sharman took to dis Kopitiam..


Sharman told me the best food served there was cendol Durian…so I gave it a try..


n yes siree…was it delicious…yummy!


It’s nice to do something after work..It’s something that we¬† look forward to so our day will be worthy…hehe..