My dad took us kids to this elephant sanctuary located at Kuala Gandah, Pahang,  Malaysia..My dad wanted us to be exposed to the nature available here in Malaysia..It was pretty awesome..being in d wild n really patting d big ol’ elephant..hehe..

pic_1223 pic_1234


pic_1240 pic_1244


While waiting to bath the elephants..we went to another place called Deerland that have many more animals such as bears, rabbits, deers n so on..

pic_1264 pic_1274


pic_1285 pic_12881

Finally, it was time…to bath the elephants..hehe

pic_1332 pic_1336

pic_1371  pic_1372

Then Hakimi got to ride on the elephant..


It was fun being with the animals..they were friendly enuf to be with us…It’s a gud thing that these animals are being taken care of so it will not be extinct in the future..


1 Response to “Elephunk!”

  1. 1 umi
    January 28, 2009 at 2:50 pm

    e eh…mawaddah..br jumpa ur blog.. btw bestnyaa tempat ni!!! kuala gandah pahang area mana eh? kna bayar tak?

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