Kobeng mali!…

It was tuesday nite..and I was attending nite class…

Suddenly…’bbzzzzzzzzzzz’…my phone on silent mode was vibrating indicating someone was calling me…

Checked the number but not a familiar one..but whatever…angkat saja maa..

the other line was speaking chinese..and I was like ‘u got wrong number sir, sory’…and hung up..

that person called again…still chinese speaking…I hang up again…he called again..I was like wut was is his prob…

he called again…I picked up..tiba2 he said, “Mawaddah…Kobeng le ni..hahahaa”..


Rupanye…our old fren back in Alpha year came to Cyberjaya…accompanying his frens…haha..

He was waiting 4 all of us at mapleh Cyberia…


We then continued our hang out at OldTown..hehe



it was a nice evening…feels like we were back in Alpha year..hehe

cuma Nikman sja yg takde mlm tu..sedih2..hehe…


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