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Reflections – Prom night.

On Friday nite (240409)..all of us frens went to Reflections Prom nite at Sunway Resot Hotel and Spa..we got 2 tables..10 ppl each. the table 36 consists of Zaki, me, Kerol, Aby, Ummi, Ekin, Zul, Lynda, Paan and Anis..

I followed Aizad to go to Sunway same goes for Zaki, Is n Mima..

B4 going to Sunway…we stopped by at MidValley because Mima n Moody need to do their make-up there..

Then we got ready at Phenomenal…these 3 cool people helped us out..

The arrival..


Paan dealing and wanting our table 36 back that was taken from some unwanted ppl..Go Paan GO!!!

But unfortunately we didn’t get it back…boohoo..but it doesn’t long we sit on d same table..table 76..

just us..




YUNA performing!


more pix…


Alpha memories..

n more pix..


Time to Go back…mm..

Stop by at McD first..hehe

such a memorable nite with them..



Islamic Economics and Economics in OIC..


This conference is organized by my dad with his colleagues ..



Mawaddah And Mawaddah..

When I was growing up…I kinda didn’t like my name,  Mawaddah..

I found it weird and uncommon...NO one has the same name as mine that I can think of during those time…

until 1 day…year 2004…as it goes…


On a hot sunny day in June 2004 after i have completed my National Service, my parents sent me to Multimedia University, Melaka as I was accepted to do my Foundation there. Right after d registration, I was sent to the hostel accommodation  where I was to stay during my study there. My room is located at F2 191 so that will be the 19th floor and yes there is an elevator there…Thank GOD.

While my parents and I were unloading my things from the car to my room, there were some students going in and out of the elevator, so we have to wait for a while.

My mother helped me carry my luggage to my room. As we were preparing to go down to get more stuff, the elevator was full with students that need to get to class but my mother made it inside and I didn’t.

“Mawaddah…”, my mother called me but could not do anything because the elevator door was shutting.

Just standing there alone watching my mother going down without me, I felt like some lost kid stuck in this 1 small state.

2  hours later…

“Mawaddah, a funny incident happened in the elevator when ibu nak turun td…”, my mother said to me.

“What is it?”, I asked.

“When I called ur name, another girl in front of me turned around and answered me”, my mother explained.

“ooo…”, was all I could say.

Year 2005 – Got transfer to MMU, Cyberjaya to pursue my Degree

“Mawaddah….ni  kwn sy, Mawaddah”, kata Azimah pd sy masa kenalkan kawan dia yg baru masuk MMU, Cyberjaya.

“Ooo..awesome!”, I said excitedly that I have known someone with the same name as mine.

“Mawaddah?”, Mawaddah asked me.

“Yup! itu sy”, sy menjawab.

“Mmm…u look familiar,” Mawaddah told me and still thinking about something.

a few minutes later…

“aaaa…I think I know..!”, said Mawaddah finally.

“masa foundation, ur mom ada tolong u angkat brg kan?”, she asked me.

“Yup”, I answered.

“haha…sy ingat!…time sy d elevator masa u tgh angkat barang…ur mom ada panggil Mawaddah… and sy pun jawab la cuz ingat  ur mom tgh panggil sy..”, she told me.

“But didn’t know it was actually u ur mom was calling..haha”, she continued.

I laughed and thought what a small world it is..

Mawaddah Alias (ME) and Mawaddah Rafi..