Final Year Project Presentation

2day at exactly 11.00 am, I did my Final Year Project Presentation title Google Android Mobile Application Development: Endangered Animals. I had fun..haha..just blab it all..

The time duration for presenting is 30 mins including the demonstration. I think I present fast cuz once I finished my demo, it was already 11.30am..hehe..

AND….lagi terharu….kawan-kawan sy dtg utk menyaksi sy tetapi tidak dapat tengok dari mula sebab masa asal adalah pada jam 11.20 am. Jadi mereka akan datang pada 11.00 am tetapi kerana diawalkan, sy sudahpun menyampaikan Projek sy…huhu..

I told our Supervisor and Moderator to wait till 1120am as arranged. Unfortunately, I had to do it earlier.



My FYP partner, Fendy was after me to present…


FYP partners 😀


Supportive frens..!!! xoxo



Supervisor: Mr. Yap Wen Jiun; Moderator: Mr. Ling Huo Chong


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