Since last month…my lil sis somehow got excited of wanting to travel oversea..only me n her…so she list down some places to visit. Then on April 15,09..she made her decision…she wanted to go to Jakarta…eslewhere I’d rather go to Newcastle..can c my fren there..

So we proposed this matter to our ayah…in hope we can go dis summer. At first, my ayah let us go…hehe..We were HAPPY!..but the place my ayah let us go is JAkarta..huhu..

However..an objection 3rd party (My older sister) didn’t let us go. Well, wut can she do…we already got the permission from d big boss 😀

Later dat nite…she talked it over with my ayah..with all her points in hands..all I could do was shut up..haha..so I went to the living room..

About 17 minutes later…my ayah called me to his room..he talked me about safety….foods….hotels…n more safety….n finalllyyy..

“Nanti ayah bawa kita semua pg Jakarta ok?”

I was starting not to like dat sentence…

My older sister was already smirking at me and giving me dat ‘Yes-I have-got-ayah’s-attention-and-there’s-nothing-u-can-do-bout-it’ look when ayah said those words…huhu…

hhmm..defeat is not an option..haha..

SO I called up my lil sis in Kuantan to tell d not-so-gud news..hehe..

Then she mentioned about the last time me n her travel together…dalam Malaysia je…hehe..back to nostalgia moment jap..

The story goes…Back in June 2007, my ayah send me and my lil sis to Kelantan to explore that state ourselves even though we have been there a few times.


Time duration: 9 hours…phheww!

Period: a few days..

me with my lil sis..


view from d bus…neat..


we crashed my aunt’s house…since she worked at Kelantan..hehe..kinda cool…we got to feel how it is to be actually living in another state…

We even crashed her work place..hehe..helped her around..


makan time!..d foods there are sooo sicking yummy!!!….true


My aunt took us to dis one beach called Malawi…dat beach is one of a kind…sandy beach n clear blue ocean…awesome…My aunt and her frens did some BBQ-ing there..we helped!




Staying in Kelantan was fun n joyuos..we got to see their lifestyle and eating their foods was d best part..haha..

my fave is dis laksom…thick noodle in nice tasty gravy…sedap2!

and many foods I can’t recall their name..haha….makan saja..

Next Destination: Home



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