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Away to Tesco in d morn..hehe

2day I met up with my 2 frens, Zura and Imah.  Zura will be in KL for the time being so I want to see her b4 she go back to Kelantan..hehe…it was nice to see them after we graduated..hehe..

We met at Tesco Ampang at around 10am…but Imah joined us at 11am..We ate brunch at Kluang Cafe…I think..4got d name but it’s like OldTown style..hehe

Unfortunately I did not stay that long..since I had to get to school by 1230pm..huhu…How I wish I did not have to go to school today…so I can hangout with them a bit longer…Haish..

But wutever it is..I had fun seeing them and just talked to them was nice too..hehe..



Graduated! ~ 080809

On August 8, 2009, I have graduated from Multimedia University  at the MMU 10th Convocation in Cyberjaya.

This is for my mom and dad. Without them, I would not be here where I am today..