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Caught up with Azerah and Suraya..-141209-

Last week, me and Azerah made plans to meet up 4 lunch at Wangsa Maju Walk as we haven’t seen each other for the past 6 years… So, on 14 Dec. 2009 the plan was executed..haha..

I picked her up at her house with Hakimi on tow..hehe..and off we went to WM Walk which is the new shopping center here and we want to give it a try as we haven’t go there yet…

We ate our lunch at was yummyy!..i liked the biscuits there..hehe

after we stuffed ourselves..we walked around and then something got our attention..standing in front of us was Farid Kamil and Lisa…!!!

more window shopping…n took some time to take a pic..haha..

then me and Azerah got somthing 4 ourselves which was a  frenship keychain..

while we were walking…we came across Superstar Karaoke bar..n of course we gave it a shot!

Then after we finished strolling around d mall…we thought of visiting my nephew, Faheem, since Azerah hadn’t see him yet..and he was at my bro-in-law’s house..which was nearby..

then we left Hakimi with my sister n bro-in-law….and me and azerah went off to made a surprise visit to Suraya’s place..Thank God she was home..hehe

and just few pix around suraya’s house..haha

we talked and talked and talked until we 4got the time..haha..

without realizing…all 3 of us have the same phone model.   😀

boy..did i had fun with them…miss the old days…back in high used to be the SIAM..

However..dat day Izza was MIA..she’s in we have grown..after these years..hehe



Lunch with Mona..

For the past few years…Mona always talked about her students where she works which is Smart Readers Kids located in Taman Maju Jaya, Cheras everytime we met.

So since I used to work in Taman Maluri, Cheras…I am quite familiar with the roads i thought of going to her workplace and have a quick lunch with her..hehe..since she usually finish work around 2pm..

So today…i went to pick her up around 1.25pm..since I obviously got lost for a second..haha..I missed the junction to the destination..


Once she got into my car..we headed for Jaya Jusco Maluri..We were not quite sure where and wut to eat…but then after some considerations..we chose Ichiben Ramen restuarant..haha..Mona said it was nice..

Us at the restaurant..

our drinks and my food..(Mona’s was not taken..hehe)

Mona liked my chicken Teriyaki..n ate ‘half’ of it..hehe..n along with her foods..

Then we went for dessert at Baskin Robbins..yummyy….we took Banana Royale..

after we were done with JJ….I took Mona to the place where I used to work in Cheras..which is SMK Cochrane Perkasa…

Time was not on our side…Mona had to get to Bukit Jalil by 5.30pm so her brother can pick her up…So we ended our day at Taman Maluri..huhu..I had a blast hanging out with my old childhood fren…as if we seldom see each other..haha..