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off to the zoo..

this morning…me n my sisters made plans to go to KLCC to shop for a bit..but while having dad wanted to take us to the Zoo..haha..I was like “seriously??’..cuz all of sudden and from nowhere my dad wanted to take us to the zoo. And the last time I went to Zoo Negara, Malaysia was back in 1989..and have been to plenty other zoos..huhu..

and off we went there without my sister and her nephew got a fever. n the plans to go to KLCC were postponed to Monday..haha

At the zoo..

with the animals..

didn’t know zoo negara would be dat fun!…haha..we had a great time there..

thanx ayah for taking us was a blast!



HSBB 01/2010 – Eastern Region

For those who have been accepted to work in TM Berhad must go through a 3-week training at either in Perak or Terengganu..

The training that I was assigned to was at Terengganu..It was taken place at Telekom Training Center (TMTC), Eastern Region from 4 Jan – 21 Jan 2010.

The training was called Induction Program for HSBB 01/2010. We were the 1st batch for this program for the year 2010…



While I was there..there were many sweet and sour memories..but plenty of nice unforgetful one…since I got my 4 new girlfrens that shared it with me..

funny thing how we got close while we were there..but am glad I have them..They really made my time worthy.

Our days were alwiz filled with classes..we barely had time to go around Kuala Terengganu and places around it..but as long they r with me..things couldn’t go wrong..


While there..I also got the chance to meet new ppl..n also ex-MMU students..haha..the ones that I have seen them b4 but don’t actually talked to them back in MMU..haha..apala sy ni..

We were supervised by Pn.Anisah a.k.a Ibu..

us with Ibu..

All of us were divided into groups..n I was put in Group 5 a.k.a Streamyx…n surprisingly we were the number 1 team..haha…it was a miracle…

Streamyx baby!

In class.

Moments together..

I joined the Choir team..hehe..conducted by Putri herself..

We got graduated!..again…hehe

Thanx girls for making my training fun!