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Tokio Hotel!

Last 2weeks,  Liyana offered me 2tix to Tokio Hotel concert…so I asked Atikah to b my date for d concert..hehe..

so 2day, me n atikah met up at OU at 3pm…we fed ourselves with Dave’s Deli b4 heading towards EC booth where Amal was ‘working’ there…

meanwhile..there was a runway show too…so we stopped by to c d show…from NOLA..n there was dis cute model too..Atikah kata dia lawa..

the entrance to d concert opened at 6pm…n we had to lined up 1st..pretty long Q..huhu…then we met up with Masyhur and his frens…

it started to rain 4 a bit..

Pop Shuvit did the opening showcase….

Then Bunkface performed…Sam dyed his hair blonde…he looked gud!

B4 TH got on stage…there was dis DJ from dat played a lot of remix songs…so me n Atikah sang along..hehe..n they played BAby – Justin Beiber!

me, liyana, Atikah n Masyhur met up 4 awhile….n took pix!

Finally, TH got on stage!..their songs are not dat bad…n Bill is cute..