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Tix that are sold out.

Maher Zain?..who is this fella?..a cute swedish guy singing a nasyid type of songs..Hmm..

My lil sister was playing a song in her car when suddenly my big sister asked who is this singer n the title of that song..With her sengeh-ness cuz we don’t know, my lil sis answered proudly it was Maher Zain..

me n big sis got a serious blanked face… WHO??..never heard of that guy..

but my big sis was interested bout him cuz his lyrics were quite sweet and my lil sis  just babled bout him thru-out our journey..

So for the past few weeks,  my fren msg me bout Maher Zain is doing a concert here in Malaysia this coming 14 & 15 October..I was not that excited as I was not that fanatic..but thought my lil sis would like to go to his concert..

So I called the organizer last 2weeks to get the RM200 tix for me n my lil sis..but fat chance..damn!…Maher Zain’s concert on both days were sold out..DAT FAST??!!..seriously?..shit.

I didn’t tell my lil sis yet bout the tix..tot I wanna surprise her with the tix. ..Boleh balik ke tidak dr kuantan tu lain cerita..hehe..

But unfortunately, the tix are no longer tak dpt la nak surprise si kecik tu..

Plan B:  ADam Lambert’s concert is on 14 October, 2010 here in Malaysia as well!



Met up with frens.

2day, Lynda, Baz, Ekin, Mima, Umi, Zura, Pia, Aizad, Iss, Zaki, Syafiq, Zul and Kamil came over to beraya at my house.

they arrived at around 7.45-ish PM..I served them Lemang, rendang ayam, nasi empit hijau, sambal kacang, kek gulung and some others..

Alhamdulillah. Glad they make the time to come over to my place.

*the pics r with Aizad for rite now..hehe*



on September 15th, 2010…my sister gave birth to a baby girl. Her name is Aleena.

now i got 1 nephew n 1 niece..



Eid Mubarak..

Wishing all muslims around the world Eid Mubarak..

May Allah bless all of us..