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Eve of 31st Oktober..

While my dad n my brother will be touring the whole state of Perak 4 5 sister was bored to death so she wanted me to take her out along with her son..

her husband was to babysit their 1month+ daughter..hehe..

So on the eve of Halloween, i took my sister with her son to a nearby mall..Lagipun her boss gave RM100 voucher to spend she was like on a shopping spree for dat nite..

& I kinda want to take my nephew for some arcade fun!…I like to play dat Sega race car thingy..where u can just play on any Sega or PlayStation but just for the sake of fun…I just wanna take him there..

the mother taking her son for a drive in the fast lane!..

at 1st he was excited to go to that arcade..but once I took him for a cruise..he was not enjoying it..LOL..maybe it’s not his thing..and my sister told me to take him on the Bike ride..sure thing i did!

it was fun to play at arcades..just to get the feel..haha

the tired boy..


delicious tutti frutti..

Atikah came to Bangsar from Shah Alam and brought me, Putri and Deena out for lunch..We went to BV..Atikah wanted to eat at Fish&Co.

Once there, we went to the restaurant only to find out it has been shut down and replaced by MPH bookstore…boo..F&Co is a nice place to eat..we liked it there..

So then, we had to find somewhere else to eat..bummed. In the end, we chose Delicious..kat sana ada Fish n Chips juga..hehe

We ordered, took pix, talked, laughed, joked..laughed again..n once we were finished with our foods, boy, were we stuffed!..but not stuffed enuf to fill in some FroYo, baby!

next stop: Tutti Frutti…dessert time!

Putri, Atikah and I helped ourselves with the FroYo choices. I took 4 flavors out 8. I think..can’t looked a lil but it was a lot to put inside my tummy..huhu..

We ate our FroYo back to Atikah’s car. it was raining, so everytime when we had to cross the street, we had to cover the froyo and ran to the other side of the road.


back in the car, Atikah started this topic of siblings’ funny when we talked back about the times we were young..



as to dis date, it will memorable  cuz i got to have lunch with d gurls..well, only deena couldn’t join cuz she had to go train people at dis place..

it was not at all planned..just random from phone calls..hehe..well started from atikah. she came over for a meeting and was to meet liyana at dis cafe..but she couldn’t find liyana so she called me. At that time, I was at Secret Recipe with my colleague, Saleha. Saleha wanted to eat spaghetti..

Atikah joined us first..She called putri to have lunch. Lately, Putri is pretty to get her to eat lunch is impossible..hehe..

10mins later, Putri joined us..

while we were talking, Liyana came over..hehe..

We stayed there for like 2hours pls..




2day’s date is pretty nice..I like it..but I didn’t make any history on dis date..just an ordinary Sunday for me..

But some of us might make history with date..perhaps having a wedding, or giving Birth to a child..or maybe just do something out of the ordinary.

As for a fren of mine, Amrilia Aqwim aka Marqona got married on this particular dat..It is very meaningful for her as on this date she is now someone’s wife. Also, it’s her birthday!..



long day..

2day we had to go to Subang Jaya for some work thingy..2 of my colleagues rode wit me to go was my 1st to drive there..

we got lost 4 a moment..huhu..we ended up at Damansara.hehe..but we managed to reach d destination only 1 hour late..


at around 4.10pm, the briefing was I planned to catch that RM1 whopper burger at BK..i was not sure about Subang having any I went to Mid Valley..Nazir Tagged along..

once there, we went straight to BK..only to found out that ALL the foods have sold seriously??! LOL please..fat chance for me, man..

so then, we just went for Krispy Kreme and get ourselves some donuts..n also we bought 3 ice blended from Coffee Bean. Ate it at the office with Saleha patiently waiting 4 us..hehe..It was Nazir’s treat to sweet of him..


when we arrived at the office, we just sat down gobbled the foods down while chatting away..Both of them were pretty hilarious..hehe..

it was nice just to laugh after a long day’s work with them..

at around 8pm, we parted n end our day to meet other frens..


Amal’s Bday celeb..

2nite we did a small birthday celebration for our fren, Amal. His birthday was on 1 Oct. but since dat day all of us were not available..we postponed it today..hehe

Since early this year when we all started working at Bangsar, Amal kept on mentioning about wanting to eat Korean BBQ at Seoul Garden near KErinci…So finally dat day has come..hehe..


So Atikah, Liyana, Mashyur, Deena, Putri, Amal and me gathered at Seoul Garden for dinner..

the foods quite nice..but for me, the best part was just chillaxing with them and eating d foods.



beraya lagi..

2day..few of my frens came over for was from 12-4pm.

Putri came at around 12.15pm and the 1st to arrive..along with ben..we had the chance to talk since in the past few weeks we were pretty busy and hadn’t lunch together at work..

While they were eating..Saleha n Hafiz arrived. they got lost 1st and told me that if they still can’t find our house, they will not come…I was like..really?..hell no..u better come..hehe

So now the 4 of them have filled their stomachs..they had the chance to meet my new niece, Aleena.

Later, my MMU-ians frens arrived. I was kinda surprised to c them came early..I didn’t expect it. I thought they would come in the late evening..So sweet of them to come.

so cont’d with the foods..just some MiHun and Rendang Ayam, Kuih muih n the house..hehe

soon after, Tekong, wani, Annum, Edry, Rahmat, Kam and baby Naqib arrived. took some photos..

while in the living, Tekong came towards me after walking from the kitchen and said,’ Can I have some spaghetti?’…I was kinda blur..then it hit me >> Early in the morn, my lil bro wanted Spaghetti for lunch, so my dad cooked some.

I was like pleasure to serve u some..then Edry and Rahmat were like..’Me too, Me too, Me too’..So then I had to prepare 3 spaghettis for the 3 men..LOL..

Then Atikah came, it was sweet of her to dropped by as her house is quite far from my house and she was stuck in MRR2 highway for quite some time..

Since many had left to go for other fren’s houses, I had Atikah all by myself..Finally got to c her after Ramadhan and early’s been awhile since I hadn’t see her..

We just talked and talked while we ate the foods..

Abis juga makanan yg dihidangkan..Atikah je dapat mkn lemang..hehe


Had a gud Sunday..chilling with frens..