long day..

2day we had to go to Subang Jaya for some work thingy..2 of my colleagues rode wit me to go there..it was my 1st to drive there..

we got lost 4 a moment..huhu..we ended up at Damansara.hehe..but we managed to reach d destination only 1 hour late..


at around 4.10pm, the briefing was finish..so I planned to catch that RM1 whopper burger at BK..i was not sure about Subang having any BK..so I went to Mid Valley..Nazir Tagged along..

once there, we went straight to BK..only to found out that ALL the foods have sold out..like seriously??! LOL please..fat chance for me, man..

so then, we just went for Krispy Kreme and get ourselves some donuts..n also we bought 3 ice blended from Coffee Bean. Ate it at the office with Saleha patiently waiting 4 us..hehe..It was Nazir’s treat to us..so sweet of him..


when we arrived at the office, we just sat down gobbled the foods down while chatting away..Both of them were pretty hilarious..hehe..

it was nice just to laugh after a long day’s work with them..

at around 8pm, we parted n end our day to meet other frens..


2 Responses to “long day..”

  1. October 8, 2010 at 12:07 pm

    salam mawaddah…

    very happy to c u, ingat kak min tak? i have a baby named Mawaddah too… always ingat dr alias n arwah dr latifah yg terlalu baik… keep in touch dear! FB kak min Asmin Khassim, what’s urs?

  2. 2 redeengel
    October 9, 2010 at 10:24 am

    Salam Kak Min, Of course I remember u..u taught us mengaji dulu..hehe..n byk sabar dgn pe’el sy..hehe.
    Alhamdulillah..a baby gurl 🙂
    krm slm pd Muamar n ur husband, Abg Mahyuddin.
    Ayah krm slm juga.

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