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Mr. M Zain

Last week, Amal asked us frens if we want to go to Majlis Amal Setulus Kasih..this charity event and one of the main artist is Maher Zain…hehe..

I did not want to go but since I know my sister would want to go, I asked her if she is interested. She sure was!..the next thing I knew, she told me to go with her. hhmm…to go or not to go??!

In d end, had to go..huhu..

The event is on for 3 days (26 – 28 Dec.’10)…And we went today in the evening.

I went with my sister and her 3months old daughter, Aleena. Gurls nite out..huhu.

The MC is an ex-Saujana singer..dude, been like 12 years I heard their album..huhu..i think his name is Hakim.

also, there were some few artistes who attended the event. It IS a charity event and it is donated to Rumah Titisan Kasih, KL. Home for the orphans.

Demascus did the opening for the event. These group consist of ex-MMU students. FYI, Amal is in this group..that’s why he invited us to see them perform..hehe

Then Rabbani performed as well. I like Rabbani.

Finally, Maher Zain took the stage!..people was just photographing him..hehe..(me too!)..well, I was taking his pix for my sis..she was carrying her daughter. My 1st time to kinda really hear his songs..not bad.



2day happens to be my parents’ 27th wedding anniversary. Throughout their marriage, they make it look so simple and easy. They make me wanna get married as well. All the easiness between them, their communication like they know what the other is saying. My dad once said to his children..’Ur mom is like Belle and I’m the Beast..and I finally got my princess’. (My dad tend to loves Disney Movies..huhu).

There are a few events that happen or will happen on this day. It will might be as meaningful to others as well. Not forgetting, 2day is my fren, Nazmima’s Birthday!..Happy Birthday to her!


p/s I luv December. not only was i born in this month but I like winter season..hehe..n I enjoy Christmas deco and meals


in the garden

a little family getaway for the weekend on 111210 – 121210

arrived at Gardens Residences

relaxing b4 hitting the mall

the direct view from our corner apartment is…….Menara TM! LOL plz..hehe

then off we went shopping at the Gardens Mall

View at night..nite lights

pix of the kids

..playing around wit Menara TM. Β πŸ˜›

tea time at Pastis.



Time: 12.35pm

Place: Menara TM

I was busy looking at the camera taken by Amiz and didn’t realize they were entering my office.

Yet I Still did not realize they were here..huhu.

then Saleha asked me to turn around..and Surprise!

Surprise to see the cake and friends surrounding…they sure got me speechless Β  πŸ™‚

still no words coming out of my mouth..

then Amal made me make a speech..he was videoing the whole thing..seriously nothing came out just thanx i guess..

the boys eating the cake..yum yum..Choc Indulgence..

after finished cutting the cake and distribute to all and no more to be cut, we went for our lunch at the cafe..

Later that night, I had to pick up my lil sister from her Fren’s…so after picking her up and was entering the suspiciously dark house…my family jumped out holding the cake and Sang Happy Birthday!..Was terkejut and almost pushed the cake outta my Big sister’s hands..

Thank you for making today a memorable one.

Alhamdulillah to be blessed with Family and Frens



2day i caught up wit my 2 buddies, Muddy & Bibs. Β it’s been awhile we hadn’t met. Besides frequently seeing Muddy in the bathroom at work..that doesn’t count.

Muddy wanted to eat BR but KLCC dun have BR. so the available ice cream parlor there is Haagan Daz (HD) Β  πŸ˜€

We wanted to get the fondue but it’s a lot so we got ourselves 7th Heaven. a big plate of 7 differ kind of ice cream of our choice with this water/air effect at the center of it…pretty neat tho. Well, its only dry ice with water and lasted about 5mins top..hahaha. also we got Berry Crush drinks.

Besides that, Bibs bought 2 cakes for me n Muddy. (thanx Bibs but all we WANT is the iceCream not the cake)..hehe

Later, we met up with our fren, Ain Shari…

Bibs wanted to buy a comforter since we were there already but the price was…*phheeww*..she’ll get those later somewhere else..hehe