Mr. M Zain

Last week, Amal asked us frens if we want to go to Majlis Amal Setulus Kasih..this charity event and one of the main artist is Maher Zain…hehe..

I did not want to go but since I know my sister would want to go, I asked her if she is interested. She sure was!..the next thing I knew, she told me to go with her. hhmm…to go or not to go??!

In d end, had to go..huhu..

The event is on for 3 days (26 – 28 Dec.’10)…And we went today in the evening.

I went with my sister and her 3months old daughter, Aleena. Gurls nite out..huhu.

The MC is an ex-Saujana singer..dude, been like 12 years I heard their album..huhu..i think his name is Hakim.

also, there were some few artistes who attended the event. It IS a charity event and it is donated to Rumah Titisan Kasih, KL. Home for the orphans.

Demascus did the opening for the event. These group consist of ex-MMU students. FYI, Amal is in this group..that’s why he invited us to come..to see them perform..hehe

Then Rabbani performed as well. I like Rabbani.

Finally, Maher Zain took the stage!..people was just photographing him..hehe..(me too!)..well, I was taking his pix for my sis..she was carrying her daughter. My 1st time to kinda really hear his songs..not bad.


1 Response to “Mr. M Zain”

  1. 1 pheody
    December 28, 2010 at 1:52 am

    mr.m zain ^^;

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