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After Malia’s wedding reception on Saturday, my uncle took my grandparents n me out for dinner. We went to this place called Chim Chum. It’s a steamboat type of restaurant.


It was okay..reminds me of Seoul Garden..hehe..i got the bubur ChaCha!..yum!..

-The next Day..Sunday Morning-

My flight with Zaki was at 9.00AM and my two aunts sent us off to the airport..we were a bit late..haha..arrived at the airport around 8.30AM..manage to check-in on time..LOL..phew!

Zaki walking towards our plane..



the view of Kelantan from the is making a U-turn at the South China Sea..


After 45mins..we have landed at LCCT, Sepang

while waiting for Shakir and Iss to pick us up..we stuffed our tummies with McD’s Big Breakfast..haha..selagi bleh guna kupon tu  😛

a gud weekend!


Malia’s BIG Day!!

Date: 26 March 2011

Today is the day Malia has become someone’s wife..


I arrived at her home in the morn..and watched Malia get her make-up done..

Finally at 10.01am…she’s all set to go to the mosque for Akad Nikah..

The bride-to-be with her parents..

Steps to the mosque..dupdapdupdap..


The moment of truth.

Alhamdulillah..Malia & Faizal telahpun selamat diijabkabulkan..

The bridemaids..with the guys..hehe

Then we went back to Malia’s home for the reception..


After the newlyweds had stuffed themselves…it was time for the persandingan..


With Malia’s family members..

Killing some time..haha..


by playing UNO  😀


The guys were soo tired after a Day’s [WORK]

Posing for the camera..


Malia dressed to cut her wedding cake..


By 5.30pm..we parted..I had to wait for my aunt to pick me up.while doing so..i spent a few minutes (more like hours) with aunt came like 2 hours later..haha..

COngratulations, Malia & Faizal!


Kelantan…here we come!

All set to fly to Kota Bharu, Kelantan to attend Malia’s wedding..


Aizad, Zaki, Mima, Moody and myself went on the same flight from LCCT, Sepang to Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan. It took about 45mins to reach the destination. While waiting to be boarded, we saw someone that looked familiar back in our Foundation Year (2004). Her name is Izma but we did not tegur her…nanti salah orang..ooppss..

Mima with our plane..

On our way to the plane..

the view from my seat..can see the Sungai Kelantan.

Yay!..we have arrived..

and was the right person we’ve been wondering..hehe..Zaki n Izma..

My aunt and uncle picked me up at the airport..then we went to KB Mall for a uncle need to get some things. My aunt cook for was nice..I was fed a lot!..worth it.

Later at night, I joined back my frens at Zura’s house for dinner. It was delicious..Nasi briyani yow!..

the dessert was yummy! (i dunno the name of it but it’s gud doubt)

Azimah cutting a piece..

ok..that’s bout of today..Malia’s wedding is gotta hit d sack now..


Kak Linda’s Wedding..

Last weekend, my bro-in-law’s sister, Linda got hitched! She married a man named Ridzuan.

The solemnization was on Saturday (19 March 2011) night..


After being Man and Wife..with the family members

while the reception was on Sunday.



Playing around with the pelamin..


Aleena n her mother..

My sister were to do the cupcakes for the wedding favors. Me, Kimi and Fatin (Linda’s sister) helped out!..


night of a play..

Last night, we catched a musical theatre at Istana Budaya called Lat the Kampung Boy. It was the opening of it until 5 April 2011.

I went with Putri and Amal from work..and later joined by Masyhur, Atikah and Aunty Shehon (Atikah’s mother)..

Mashie n Amal goofing around..hehe..

us girls inside the theatre..

it’s bout the bio of Lat himself and how he became a well-known Malaysian cartoonist…it was pretty nice..I enjoyed all the songs during the play..

I like the Frankie character..hehe..He’s Lat’s good fren during school years..

The directors are Harith Iskandar and Hans Isaac…Lat was played by Awie. Awie is really talented. He sang well and his acting is likey!. And all the other casts are gud hype!

oh yea..Ms. Hui!..the famous high-haired English teacher..hehe..LWYD DWYL..

Mashie is attending a class..


Me too!

Also, the setting for the whole play was also made me feel like i’m in that 60’s era..the costumes are well picked.

Even tho i enjoyed it, but I kinda slept for a bit during the ending..hehe..Tired..(alasan)  😛

the show was from 830 – 1130pm..


PanC & Maple

Just the mention of pancakes can make my mouth water..I [heart] pancakes..who doesn’t, right??..gosh…the warm 5 layers of pancakes below the melted buttery butter gushing with the rich flavor maple syrup..who could ask for more..

Now with this work thingy and morning hours constrained, we only got time to make homemade pancakes during d weekends..As we usually have it everyday besides cereal in the it’s just cereal or muffins.

Back to pancakes..there’s this 1 particular cafe that serve the best pancakes in the town of Dekalb called Around the clock..hehe..Every Saturday we would go there at the break of dawn and eat as much pancakes as we like..

I will alwiz go for the classic pancakes and Blueberry ones..

We would also go to differ cafes to just eat their pancakes…differ cafes have their own unique ways serving the pancakes..up to the consumer how they enjoy savouring it..hehe

there’s this one cowboy cafe in North Dakota that serve 1 big pancake for only 99 cents! cheap…n i ate like about 7 of it..straight for my lunch..hehe

As for in KL, i prefer going to Paddington’s or Alexis…each of them hv differ texture/signature pancakes of their own..

Well, wuteva it is..I would alwiz go for my sister’s homemade pancakes that is alwiz waiting for me on Saturday mornings!


Sparing time

As last year,we combined both Masyhur & Liyana’s birthday to 1 celebration..

This time we did it during lunch..


image image

Apek is soo excited with his meal..hehe


The Birthday kids, Liyana & Mashie  😀