PanC & Maple

Just the mention of pancakes can make my mouth water..I [heart] pancakes..who doesn’t, right??..gosh…the warm 5 layers of pancakes below the melted buttery butter gushing with the rich flavor maple syrup..who could ask for more..

Now with this work thingy and morning hours constrained, we only got time to make homemade pancakes during d weekends..As we usually have it everyday besides cereal in the morning..now it’s just cereal or muffins.

Back to pancakes..there’s this 1 particular cafe that serve the best pancakes in the town of Dekalb called Around the clock..hehe..Every Saturday we would go there at the break of dawn and eat as much pancakes as we like..

I will alwiz go for the classic pancakes and Blueberry ones..

We would also go to differ cafes to just eat their pancakes…differ cafes have their own unique ways serving the pancakes..up to the consumer how they enjoy savouring it..hehe

there’s this one cowboy cafe in North Dakota that serve 1 big pancake for only 99 cents!..so cheap…n i ate like about 7 of it..straight for my lunch..hehe

As for in KL, i prefer going to Paddington’s or Alexis…each of them hv differ texture/signature pancakes of their own..

Well, wuteva it is..I would alwiz go for my sister’s homemade pancakes that is alwiz waiting for me on Saturday mornings!


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