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the flags…

Six Flags Entertainment Corp. is the world’s largest amusement park corporation based on quantity of properties and the 4th most popular in terms of attendance. The company maintains 14 properties located throughoutNorth America, including theme parks, thrill parks, water parks and family entertainment centers.  Six Flags Great America is a Six Flags theme park  in the Chicago metropolitan area, located in Gurnee, Illinois. It first opened in 1976 as Marriott’s Great America. Six Flags purchased the park from the Marriott Corporation in 1984, making it the seventh park in the chain.

While growing up, mostly every summer of each year, my parents would take us there. me & my sisters loved the American Eagle roller coaster as it is the biggest and longest one there. Not to mention one of the oldest rides..hehe..We would spend 1 whole day at the theme park and ride all the rides. well, not ALL but each time we go there the following year, we would ride the ones that we couldn’t ride last year…(growing process at that moment..hehe)

Aside from that, if our cousins came over to visit, my dad would take us all to the theme park. The best one was Giant is soo high of 227 ft (69 m) tall gravity-driven descending thrill ride…it’s sumthing like the one in Genting Highlands called Solero shot, i think..but not as high as Giant Drop..haha.

Another cool ride is the Logger’s Run..u will seriously get wet if u get on this ride..i mean REALLY wet..from head to was great to go during the summer and get cooled off by it..

oh yea..and the Space Shuttle America thingy..a replica of the real thing but was then removed. the Iron Wolf ride is somewhat different as the riders maneuver twisting turns and sudden drops while in a standing position. I got to ride this one when i was in 5th i was tall

from time to time, a few rides would come and go..but it will be in memory of the ones ridden.


..and dun forget the famous carousel.



rainy vacay dad asked us to packed up for a quick vacation at the East Cherating..

Along the was pouring rain..mandi hujan la ni instead of the beach..tsk.

We arrived at Impiana Resort Cherating..and it was still drizzling.

b4 going to the beach..we went cycling.



The waves were pretty strong..Faheem and Aleena got Tsunami-ed!



Rain or no rain..we still sat at the beach..just cicah kaki kat laut.


3 weeks later.

on a friday nite, the 3 of us [ Mudd, Bibah and me] went to BV for dinner and later grabbed some froyo..

soon, we went back to Gombak. They were sleeping over [ after 3weeks planning it]..

3 weeks ago…*flashback*

we were talking bout things..and all of a sudden Mudd brought up the topic of slumber party aka sleepovers..we all agreed and didnt mind which house to sleep the end..the chosen place: My house…huhu..

since during that time was Mudd’s n Bibah planned to do a surprise party for her as we divided tasks on who to get what…unconciously, Mudd wanted BR cotton candy I got that for her..on 31th march..haha..cuz the initial date for the sleepover was postponed to another date (tak ingat)..

back to that Friday..we set off to my home while my sister was standing by with the cake (Bibah bought a brownie cake)…

And Surprise!

 Happy Birthday Mudd!..hope u like the gifts!

later that nite, me n Bibah watched Black tul..