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it’s not the end..

A small farewell gathering on May 26 at Amarin, Jln Syed Putra, KL for our dear friend, Ekin..She will continue her journey at JB, Johor..

Lynda, Zul, Nad, Paid and me came early to deco the reserved table..

Finally, it was complete..

each person was assigned to a chair by referring to their names on the plates..

this is my seat!

while waiting for Ekin to come..we play with the balloons..hehe

then..the clock striked 8.25pm, Ekin came..boy..was she Surprised!   😀

then it turned to be an emotional moment..for a while..puffy red-eyes n run down nose.

after some time pouring our tears out..we took a pic of us 4 1st..hehe.. was time to order..masing2 tgh lapar..(Growling of the stomachs)

Mari baca surat khabar..hehe..kinda cool of the menu to be in newspaper form.

then our table started to filled with foods!..yum!

the best dish for me was this Tomyam in coconut milk..Thanx to Nad and Paid for ordering it..hehe..

Soon, we were later joined by Baz and into our foods..tak sempat nk ambil gambar mereka..hehe..oopps.

after the foods has gone into our stomachs..we were to write a note to Ekin for her to keep in remembrance..Nad is very tekun writing her thingy..hehe

Each person was to give the little note with an origami bird to Ekin along with a speech..quite emotional for Lynda, Nad and Baz because they are close with Ekin..and being apart tend to be a lost for them..and again…some more puffy red eyes afloats..


just talked and soon it was time to go..


good luck,Ekin!! keep in touch and hope to c u soon!


to the the left..

it was always the east coast.*yawn*.

so this time, my dad wanted to take us out to the northwest coast..furthermore, it’s been awhile since we went to that part of Malaysia.

In the early morn of Friday the 13th, instead of getting for work…we got ready to go north west for a weekend getaway…my Dad had made some reservations at this island called Pangkor located in geographically, it’s located on the left side of the peninsula of Malaysia.

 With 3 young children in the can be pretty chaotic yet delightful.




Arrived at Lumut, Perak in the afternoon..right on schedule for our ferry to the destination…nearby the jetty, there was this tree that i can’t nice. was time to board the ferry..we were the last one to get in..haha.



after 30mins of journey..we have arrived at Pangkor Island  😀



Not quite there yet…have to take a bus to the while waiting for the bus..pix momento.


in barely 10mins..the bus has arrived.



we were greeted by the Pastel Band..aloha selamat.

wasted no time..straight to our rooms and immediately changed to our swimwears..hehe sister’s kids are ‘geli’ with the sands and prefer to go to the swimming pool than the beach..hampeh..all the 3  sisters kids are soo obsessed with the rubber surfboard..



tapi angkut juga 2 anak ini ke laut..hoho.




Chillaxing for a bit..get some sun.


fully utilized the sea..and filled our time with water sports / activities..

one of it was kayaking..


one of the attractions of this resort was of the birds actually living in this of my fave is the hornbill.


since this is at the west coast, we didn’t want to miss the sunset..


Day 2:

 After spending some quality time at the beach, my dad took us for a tour around the’s pretty homey..



stopped by at Dutch Fort..back to History lane.



then we went to some other places..




again..the sunset.  😀

such wonder

Later that night, we went fishing by the was pretty fun..i caught a white crab..but it got loose and swam away..

Day 3:

early in the morn..we went for a dip yet relaxing just laying in the water.

by noon, we had to get ready to board the ferry to return back to Peninsula…sob




Aleena’s hat blew off her head and landed in the least we left something back at Pangkor..LOL

on the ferry to the dock


if u stopped by at Lumut, it won’t be a complete trip without dropping by at the Navy base (TLDM).

Singgah makan cendol and rojak..yums!


3 days under the sun was a blast..but sacrifice has to be made with some sunburns and now very tanned complexion.


thanx, Ayah for taking us to Pangkor this year!..

next stop: Penang  ??