it’s not the end..

A small farewell gathering on May 26 at Amarin, Jln Syed Putra, KL for our dear friend, Ekin..She will continue her journey at JB, Johor..

Lynda, Zul, Nad, Paid and me came early to deco the reserved table..

Finally, it was complete..

each person was assigned to a chair by referring to their names on the plates..

this is my seat!

while waiting for Ekin to come..we play with the balloons..hehe

then..the clock striked 8.25pm, Ekin came..boy..was she Surprised!   😀

then it turned to be an emotional moment..for a while..puffy red-eyes n run down nose.

after some time pouring our tears out..we took a pic of us 4 1st..hehe..

Then..it was time to order..masing2 tgh lapar..(Growling of the stomachs)

Mari baca surat khabar..hehe..kinda cool of the menu to be in newspaper form.

then our table started to filled with foods!..yum!

the best dish for me was this Tomyam in coconut milk..Thanx to Nad and Paid for ordering it..hehe..

Soon, we were later joined by Baz and Abe..so into our foods..tak sempat nk ambil gambar mereka..hehe..oopps.

after the foods has gone into our stomachs..we were to write a note to Ekin for her to keep in remembrance..Nad is very tekun writing her thingy..hehe

Each person was to give the little note with an origami bird to Ekin along with a speech..quite emotional for Lynda, Nad and Baz because they are close with Ekin..and being apart tend to be a lost for them..and again…some more puffy red eyes afloats..


just talked and soon it was time to go..


good luck,Ekin!! keep in touch and hope to c u soon!


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