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Aberdeen ( Aiberdeen) is famous for its granite building and pebble stoned’s basically a land of history. one of its nickname is Granite City or Grey City.

There are many interesting places in Aberdeen and i was privileged to visit some of them.

Duthie Park  – a park that hold the David Welch Winter Gardens

Aberdeen Mosque

Aberdeen streets.

more to be posted



taking a stroll.

the weather is nice..even when it’s raining..and the view is just a there’s one thing to do and that is to take a stroll along the streets of’s quite relaxing..breathing the fresh air and see the sea gulls or anything that passes through but the precious part is when there is someone strolling along with you..for me, it was my lil cousins..haha



sunrise on my face.. i miss the sunny weather..

yess..i have finally touchdowned in Malaysia this morning at 6.48AM..i slept thru-out the journey..

gonna miss my lil cousins back there..

and we got the chance to meet my aunt’s fren, Aunt Naida kids; Hanisa, Hafsa & Abd. adorable.

and also some other friends of theirs.  😀

gonna miss doing there lunch packs every morning..and ajak-ing to teman me for a quick stroll at the park..and shopping!

i didn’t even break a sweat in’s pretty cold there..furthermore the rainy weather..well..i like cold weather.

actually, i kinda miss sweating..n the sun just pancar-ing my face..

once we got out of KLIA..and the sun was right at us..boy, was i happy to c the sun..’on sweat..come out ok.


after 18 hours..

the night of 17th June, the flight to Aberdeen departed along with 2 young passengers..

cont’d? way!..too lame..

haha. & my sis were sent to Scotland to visit our aunt there..hehe..Alhamdullilah.

Checking-in the luggages..and dinner.



off to the boarding area..the plane that was to take us there..


thank u, mini TV, for accompanying me for the last 12 soo many cools movies n TV series..also the foods were yummy.


the view from the plane..landing at Amsterdam for transit.



taking the Fokker 70 to Aberdeen..quite fast that plane.


it was drizzly at Aberdeen and the wind was strong..

1 word: COLD


the boys…n girls


Arrived at my aunt’s house..


Later, we went to the mosque to send the kids to religion class and then we went to the green house.


‘indulged’ weekend.

On saturday, we went for medicure and pedicure at beebee nail at Fahrenheit88. it pretty that place..i just went for the basics as i want to shop for a bit.

doing the nails..

while our nails were being pampered..Aleena was pampered by the Bloop clerk..hehe

then went to the shop next door.

there was this DC exhibition..and i found my hero!

dessert: gelato fruit.

next day, we went for hair treatment and haircut at Hairkunst, Sunway Giza.

finished in the evening so we went for an early dinner at Fullhouse..boy, was it yummy! especially the pastas and beverages.

jgn tgk je bill tu, cik Aleena..bayar la skali..





Today embarks Hakimi 8th birthday..

we did a small celebration 2 nights ago but last nite was unplanned..

My dad wanted to eat out for dinner and we ended up Chili’s..yay..

After finishing our meal..all the staffs came singing ‘Happy birthday’ to him along with a brownie ice-cream..hehe

him??..malu-malu sipu…puh-leeze! deep down he was touched by the gesture..huahaha..

his birthday pressie??…still thinking what to get him..

this year he made a list but in that list only contains living cat, hamster, 5 more fishes to put in his aquarium, rabbit, turtles, bird…and some more.

well, it’s not that we don’t want to get him a pet but he ALREADY had them all once upon a time..God knows what happened to them..haha..just usual..some of them go the natural way, some ran off to another house..lover,  we released the turtles at Tasik Titiwangsa once they reached the independent age…and more so..

so it was a big NO-NO to get a pet…except for the fishes..

as for the toys..he had all kind of it..he even play tea with our Barbie dolls which are now headless..all my Hot Wheels collection he made them his own..

Video games??..yea..he’ll get those once he’s 10 yrs old just like we did back in the days..



we shall give him a storybook.


randoms on past May i think

when 2 aunts r in boredom..the nephew r to b the victim.

Place: KLIA.

stopped by at my fren, Imah’s engagement ceremony.

Congrats, Imah & Apek!

later, we went to this kopitam for dinner..

the table is an amended old sewing table..kinda cool..sambil mkn..sambil ayun

then we saw this too!

it looked exactly like our old TV back in 1990 – 1992..hehe..tiba2 rasa sebak..teringat zaman kanak2 and all the TV shows we have watched on that TV that had no remote control..

kena pulas the channels..hehe..tgk Power Rangers, Barney..mickey mouse..hehe..

and we still remember our old TV brand which is Zenith..