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9th month of the Islamic calendar..

the 9th month of the Islamic calender is the month of Ramadhan..without realizing, Ramadhan is approaching soon (insya-Allah by end of this month).

Ramadan is a blessed month ordained by God and it is the month in which Satan and his minions are  to be locked away in Hell to prevent them from misleading, deceiving and whispering in the ears of the believers. Since Ramadhan only comes once a year, therefore is the best opportunity to begin a grand affair with something so personal and spiritually enlightening such as performing Ibadah more. This is also the time for Muslims to read the Qur’an more to understand and share their religious teachings.  They also learn to abstain from bad habits and minor and major sins and hopefully continue with the effort when Ramadan is over too.

For me, the best part of Ramadhan is the Tarawih prayer.  This is because it is the only time to do this Ibadah.

Back in the days, I couldn’t wait for Ramadhan to come because if I fast 1 day, I would get like 2 bucks..and thats a lot (30 days x 2) = 60 bucks!..hehe (sometimes I cheated on my fasting..ooppss..but somehow my parents will found out eventually..dang these friends..haha)…and us family would bundled up the car to go to the mosque for Tarawih prayers and later will go to a kedai mamak.

since 2006, Ramadhan was not as exciting as before. This is because during that time, my mom was fighting cancer. All the foods doesn’t matter to me..just my mom’s health was my priority at that time.

but sadly, on the 5th of Ramadhan (28 Sept. 2006), my beloved mother passed away..leaving her husband and 4 children..

She is always in our prayers and is forever love..

we miss u, ibu..


Reds vs. Harimau – 160711

Liverpool happened to be my dad’s as a surprise, i got my dad tix to see the Asia Tour 2011…Liverpool vs. Malaysia..

back b4, my dad did not had the chance to watch a Liverpool time, my parents went to UK to hopefully catch the game..but some flight tak dpt la…huhu.. get to the stadium was kinda hactic..soo crowded at the train station..


waiting 4 d train to Bukit Jalil

we arrived at Bukit Jalil Statium at 5.37pm..


but let’s drink 1st b4 we go inside..

let the game begin!



the stadium was full, man! nice!!


90% of the audience wore the Liverpool jersey..and boy..did we really cheer for our team respectively..I cheered for Team Malaysia!!..Go Harimau!

in d 1st half, Liverpool got a free kick and made them lead 1 – 0

then Malaysia tie the score..this is their 1st goal of the game..woohoo!!

then back to passing to kill the boredom..i took pix.



my dad was excited when Liverpool was leading..

but will termenung when Malaysia score..hehe

just pix


it was a gud game..Malaysia played well even though they lost..

it was soo worth it screaming and cheering for Malaysia!!woot woot!!

the final score.

the end of the game..









a post for AHNI…relatives.

on the eve of 7 July, my gramma and cousin, Kak Fana, were to board a flight to Aberdeen..

with this, i took some pix of my relatives to show to my Scottish cousins; Adam, Huda, Nuh and Ibrahim (AHNI)..


Our Aunts and Uncles

the cousins

1. Pak Andak’s kids

L – R: Bangcik Imran, Adli, Kak Izzati                            Ehsan

Zikri                                                                                 Iman

2. Pokteh’s child



3. Paklong’s kids

Abang Anwar                                                L-R: Along Nisaa, Abang Aiman, Abang Annaz




had a blast in UK..couldn’t wish for more..

we got to c a 3-wheeled car.

got to see plenty of granite buildings.

and got 2 c our cousins!


another day :P

Visited more places..

Botanic Garden


St. Machar Cathedral


Seaton Park


Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital

Hafsa, sister Naida’s second child was not well that we went to visit her..brought her some flowers n chocs..



art gallery and Maritime museum.

There are many interesting buildings in Aberdeen..

on a light rainy day, me and my sister went to town to just sightseeing the area…and we came across a few places that we of it was the art gallery. alot of beautiful paintings and photographs were being shown there..some of the paintings were dated back in the 15th century.

later, we went to Aberdeen Maritime Museum as well..mostly it display how the ship is made and the ships back in the old days..kinda cool.

Art gallery

Aberdeen Maritime Museum


places IV

Margret’s Ranch

My aunt took us to her friend, Margret, home and ranch where she own a few was cool..her dog, Alphy was cute.

My cousins’ schools

During our stay..we tend to send Ibrahim to school. His school is nearby and walking in the morn is kinda nice..then at Nuh’s school, we got to participate his beach Huda and Adam’s school, there was a fundraising event at their yea.we went to their schools..hehe