Reds vs. Harimau – 160711

Liverpool happened to be my dad’s favorite..so as a surprise, i got my dad tix to see the Asia Tour 2011…Liverpool vs. Malaysia..

back b4, my dad did not had the chance to watch a Liverpool game..one time, my parents went to UK to hopefully catch the game..but some flight delays..so tak dpt la…huhu..

so..to get to the stadium was kinda hactic..soo crowded at the train station..


waiting 4 d train to Bukit Jalil

we arrived at Bukit Jalil Statium at 5.37pm..


but let’s drink 1st b4 we go inside..

let the game begin!



the stadium was full, man! nice!!


90% of the audience wore the Liverpool jersey..and boy..did we really cheer for our team respectively..I cheered for Team Malaysia!!..Go Harimau!

in d 1st half, Liverpool got a free kick and made them lead 1 – 0

then Malaysia tie the score..this is their 1st goal of the game..woohoo!!

then back to passing balls..so to kill the boredom..i took pix.



my dad was excited when Liverpool was leading..

but will termenung when Malaysia score..hehe

just pix


it was a gud game..Malaysia played well even though they lost..

it was soo worth it screaming and cheering for Malaysia!!woot woot!!

the final score.

the end of the game..









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