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Setiabudi’s Raya open house

2day at Hakimi’s school, Setiabudi, got some makan-makan..and family members are also invited from 10am-1pm..

so i took the time to go there..and grabbed a friend, Madihah, along..hehe

Hakimi with his friends

There were sure plenty of foods..and desserts!..

then Hakimi showed his classroom..

a gud afternoon to spend time with the lil brother..




another small celebration for the girl

on Friday night, we bundled up the family car to go for dinner in occasion of Aleena’s birthday celebration..

we arrived at Istana Hotel for our dinner buffet reservations..n boy, was it yummy!

in the elevator to the hotel restaurant

the birthday girl munching anything that comes to her mouth.

ayah and Faheem


Hakimi with his pilot book..

few months ago, Aleena was in the learning to walk..with all her ‘rajin’-ness, it paid off as she can walk on her birthday..


but sometimes, she just wanna hold ur hand when she walks..hehe

my family


Jalan beraya di bulan Syawal..

last Friday, me & my friends jalan beraya at Gombak..and usual it’s only my house and Mima’s here in Gombak..hehe

Lynda, Nad, Baz and Ekin came over first..

my sister made macaroni/lasagna and brownies for them..

then, i joined them to go to Mima’s house..we were later joined by Pia, Kamil, Umi, Aizad..

As usual..we ate a big yummy feast at Mima’s..hehe..



Aleena’s birthday celebration.

The baby has now joined the ‘YEAR’ club!..hehe

tonight, we had a small bday celebration for Aleena..




the baby of the house has turned 1!!

Today is Aleena’s first birthday!

whoa..totally feel old..haha..nah! just kidding..


Happy Birthday, dear niece!



on the night of 8 September, i was unconsciously in the mood to bake something..but the fact is…I pretty much can’t cook talk about baking!

so during my time at the office on that day…my mind kept on wandering (more like daydreaming) of me in the kitchen with the apron on and whisking something…and later putting the mixture into the oven and voila! out it comes into a nice looking cake..and knowing it tastes good. *big grin* even told my frens bout it..haha

Right after i reached our house, i went to the kitchen and see what can i make..i wanted to do something that involves chocolate..

by using any things that were available in the house, i manage to do molten chocolate..a cake where u can easily get at Chilli’s..hehe..

Hakimi helped me with it too…but when it was for the tasting part..he kinda retreat back..haha..oh well!

But he did taste it.

his comment: it’s too chocolaty but i like it…but i don’t wanna eat it again..

he even finished that sentence with a wink..and wut do u expect from that, mister?!

the next day, i shared some of it with my frens and they liked of them actually wanna order some from me..hehe

*pat on the back*


Eid Mubarak!

i know it’s already 14 Syawal but still wanna and still can wish Eid Mubarak to all!