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sunday morning

I needed to get some stuff at Crabtree & Evelyn at KLCC so i used that reason to bring along my nephew for some LRT ride..and his 1st time to ride in one..

This sunday morning, we got ready and both my bro and sis wanted to tag along..and off we went to the Gombak LRT station.

Boy, was my nephew so happy when he saw the LRT..haha..he didn’t wanna get off when we reached KLCC station..

After getting the stuff and some candylicious goodies, we randomly went to’s been a while since we went there..

Yet again, my nephew and brother were soo excited looking at the fishes..we also got to see the feeding session of the sharks.

had a fun Sunday with the kids.




idaman kereta saya

since i was 5 years old, i always dream of owning a Mustang..dat time i wanted the ’67 muscular..and its Ford!..haha

then when the new model came out in ’95, i got a changed of heart..hehe

i used to saved up my allowance money to one day buy it by the time i reached 14 years old..i still go for the ’67..

but too’s not available here in Malaysia..but i hope it will be imported here so i can get 1..its not easy bringing a car that is difficult to find spare parts and the maintenance…



ibuku sayang.

I grew up with nasyids and they tend to stay in my head till today..just randomly my mind will play a nasyid..but there’s this 1 nasyid that i feel related to..its a song about a mother passing away..this nasyid was sang by Soutus Sofwa titled Selamat Tinggal Ibuku

Sewaktu Azan Mendayu-Dayu
Ibuku Pergi Meninggalkanku
Perginya Takkan Kembali Lagi
Kerna Takdir Telah Menentukan

Doa Restu Kuutuskan Untukmu Ibu
Semoga Diri Ibu Bahgia
Di Akhirat Yang Kekal Abadi

Ibuku Kau Pemupuk Kasih Sayang
Kerna Kaulah Ibu Yang Tercinta
Baktimu Padaku Tidak Terkira
Hanya Tuhan Dapat Membalasnya

Ibuku Walau Kau Pergi Dulu
Namun Kutetap Mengingatimu
Kasihku Padamu Seperti Dulu
Selamat Tinggal Ibuku

Thank you, Allah for blessing me with a mother named Latifah Mohd. Noor..i am proud and grateful to have her as my mother..