where’s that place, again??

my new office building is located at jalan raja chulan..its quite obvious but mostly people can’t seem to find it..seriously lol.

i mean, jalan raja chulan is like in the heart of Kuala Lumpur but i think its the building that’s not bulging out. well, obviously it’s the 1st TM building back in the 60s era…or perhaps in the 50s..so yea, the building is quite old and no longer attractive to this new generation (per say me)..haha..let’s talk bout that later.

unlike the TM building at Bangsar, its one of a well-known landmark in Malaysia. u just mention Rebung and people will automatically know where Rebung is located at..

even the Domino’s delivery guy got lost when deliverying our pizza to the TM office at jalan raja chulan..omg..but good thing we got free pizza voucher..hehe

the rebung may be at the outskirt of KL but traffic wise, it’s not that jammed up to get there..so opposite of JRc..every hour, every minute..the main road that exit to jrc is fully pack with cars.but thank goodness for the train system availabe, the traffic can be avoidable.

sometimes, when i am at jrc, i feel like i’m at NYC..walking along the streets at downtown of KL and taking the train back home..but only 1 thing..no yellow cabs..haha..

and when i’m at Rebung, Bangsar…i feel like i’m at Buffalo..the places are nearby but u tend to drive to get to a destination cuz it’s not really walking distance and you’re just plain lazy..haha..

betcha wondering y am i comparing to all these US cities..haha..honestly,i totally miss going there, especially in the summer.

it’s cool to have a place where u can relate to somewhere else..

now..where can i find some corn fields so i can feel like i’m in Dekalb..haha..


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