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the princess is married !!

another friend of mine got hitched! many weddings in this 2 months and more to come..

Putri & Farhan Solemnization ceremony – 12/02/12

 Putri is getting ready in the early morn b4 the groom’s arrival..

us, dulang chicks were excited to see her getting her make-up on and her hair done.




Overseeing the nikah session from above.


Craig is tired..sshhh

All smiles for the princess! Alhamdulillah..sudah selamat


Farhan after performing the solat sunat with his now BIL

the newlyweds





makan time & other things


with family & friends



 Wedding ceremony – 18/02/12







starts with a G..ends with a K..

10 years ago, my parents has chosen Gombak as our permanent stay. by doing so, they build their dream house..

didn’t thought i would have a Gombak address but sure do’s more known as Kampung Gombak..even our neighborhood is a kampung..kampung harmonis..and it comes along with our ketua kampung, uncle syed..

Gombak is located near the city but far from it..just a nice view of KL tower and KLCC from the balcony of our home. the roads are not that busy..and fill with schools from toddler nursery schools to universities nearby..can hv all ur education in 1 area.

maybe i’mma Gombakian..oh well..grateful i have shelter in my own country..and for me, its in Gombak..