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Our random trip.

I was meant to write this post way long before but due to the misplacement of the pictures, i had to postponed it..(yea, dumb excuse :P)

Last year in December 2013 during our study week for the finals, we, 3 friends/classmates, had been randomly planning  to go for a nice quick beach getaway of roughly 4D3N at any island here in Malaysia during the semester break.

Not sure how, but I was in charged to organized it..haha..and boy, did I.

It was the Monsoon season during the time of planning in December, so obviously all the islands on the East coast were shut down. Our hopes went down the drain as we were really looking forward for this nice island tropical trip.

Then, one day, I saw a friend of mine posted a picture of himself at Mabul Island and asked him questions like.. ‘were this taken years back?’… ‘where is this Mabul Island?’..and all to get all the info I need to make this plan realistic.

And miraclely, this island is free from any nature disaster at all time and the Monsoon season is far within its was a ‘Yippie’ moment for me!

So with all the gathered info, I told my 2 friends about it and gave them the budgetary price for the total trip. Also, the activities that we will be doing there. Moreover, the flight tix there was quite cheap at that time, so yeah..I can hear it calling us.

Without much hesitation, they agreed on it & the flight tix were bought!

so..where will we be staying?

Soon after making some calls and making some price comparison about 3 days after buying the flight tix, we have chosen to stay at this homestay called Scuba Jeff. Apparently, I got some recommendation from the same Twitter friend who posted that pic of himself there.

the plan was set.

A few days after our finals, we were more than ready to get there. 🙂

It was a great trip..especially when you share it with your friends.

The island is so beautiful that I wish I could just stay there. the locals are nice and really good cooks..hehe..


Thanks, girls, for this wonderful memories!