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My first hiking trip..

There is always a first time to do something you have not done before. This time around, for me, it would be hiking. Not just hiking up a hill behind my house but really hiking at about 3000++ meter mountain. I wanted to try doing this activity because I want to see the view from above, not from the top floor of a skyscraper, not from the window pane of an airplane..but really be on top of a mountain and enjoy the scenery it can offer. It doesn’t matter which mountain, as long as it is more than 2000 meter. I think that’s quite high enough..hehe..

Just as I was planning my hiking trip somewhere, my company was also organizing a hiking trip to Mount Rinjani, Indonesia. What a perfect timing! After I gathered some info about this trip and find it quite okay, I cancelled my plan and registered myself to go to this Mt. Rinjani company trip which was held from Aug. 29 until Sep. 3, 2015.

I had a great time during this trip though I must say it is a tough and tiring one. I got to meet new people & walk along the nature for four (4) days straight. What a beautiful sight though it was scorching hot throughout the way except at the mountain top. But the one thing I like most during this trip is being cellphone-less. Being disconnected from the world and surround myself with the sound of nature is like a privileged to me, although there is signal from time to time..haha..I got to experience how to live in the wilderness like using the restroom without a toilet bowl and walking 7 hours return to take a hot bath in the hot springs at Danau Segara Anak.


at the crater lake, Segara Anak..


Made it to the top!


Overlooking the tip of Mt. Rinjani..


View at the mountain route