Owe them so much..

Every child is a gift to their parents. Any parents will do their best to provide, protect, love and many more for their kids.

I am ever so grateful to have such loving parents to raise me and my siblings up. Our parents have such patience to deal with our daily shits growing up, but I think my mom is the most patient one..hehe..

Since the passing of my mom, my dad had to be both mom and dad to us. Though still in our late teens, my big sister and I knew it was not easy for him but we tried to be strong and support him for our younger siblings. Yes, we do miss our mom especially to share our greatest moments such as our graduations, weddings, 1st job offers and others. We also miss her hugs and words of encouragement when we face some downfalls.

Despite all the overwhelmed changes, my dad will do his very best to give his kids everything. My dad try to remain the normal routines like before such as cook for us, make sure everyone’s home for dinner, drive us around the city, take us for a quick getaways, and many more. Just like the good old times but without our mom.

I am thankful for having a great dad who shows nothing but love, respect, compassion to my mom.

I am blessed to be their child. Missing my mom so much but I know Allah loves her more.


Graduated! MBA class of 2014


With my mom at Niagara Falls, NY border


Skiing with my dad




1 Response to “Owe them so much..”

  1. 1 Mudzaffar
    March 14, 2016 at 12:33 am

    Al Fatihah to my former professor Allahyarhamah Dr Latifah Mod Noor. May Allah SWT bless her soul.

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