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Sabah, yet again!

This time we went to the southern part of Sabah to visit Mabul Island once again. I joined my hiking/diving club called Mountain Diver to this trip. Our trip was a 4D3N agenda from Mar 31 – Apr 3. The first 2 nights we stayed in Mabul and the last night were spent in Semporna. I would say this is my first ever shortest trip to Mabul as usually I would stay there for about 7-9 days.

Since my lil brother joined this trip for snorkeling activity, I spent some time snorkeling with him and not much on diving…actually I did only 5 dives..hehe..

The second diving/snorkeling day, we went to Kapalai. As usual, it was amazing.

Before this trip, I informed the team of trying to go check out Bohey Dulang Island on our last day. After surveying some agents/contacts, we managed to get a good deal on the boats. In general, the trip from Semporna Jetty to Bohey Dulang Island will take about 4-5 hours including hiking up the hill for the view. But due to time constrain of our flight in the afternoon, we had to ensure we reached back Semporna Jetty on time to catch our flight. Our trip took us about 3 hours overall. Phew..were we in a rush but soo worth it! The view was phenomenal.

Then it came across our minds that we always go to the southern part of Semporna and not really explore the northern part which consist of Bohey Dulang Island and many other islands. With that, we are planning a trip to dive there..hehe..just not sure when.

Some pics of our trip.