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Place to go b4 ur 15

Was reading some news online when this article came across and got my attention. The title of the article is ‘ 10 Places every Kid should see b4 they turn 15’…and below are the list of those 10 places.

1. The Field Museum  (Chicago)

2. SeaWorld San Antonio (San Antonio)

3. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (Hawaii)

4. U.S Space & Rocket Center (Huntsville)

5. Carlsbad Caverns (New Mexico)

6. Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco)

7. Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York)

8. National Museum of American History (Washington D.C.)

9. Arches National Park (Utah)

10. Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (Birmingham)

After looking at the list, I thought to myself how grateful I am that my parents did took me to 6/10 of the places listed before I was 15 years old..

but wonder why Yellowstone National Park, Mt. Rushmore and Grand Canyon are not listed inside this list..they should have because they are really cool places kids should go b4 they turn 15



the february baby celebs his birthday in march

tonite we did a get-together at Chili’s just to celeb Mashyur’s birthday..

the gals.

the guys

the birthday boy!!

the molten is soo to-die-ful.

me n puts goofing around with things off the table.


happy 25th birthday, mashie pie!!


run baby run..!

on 11th March, 2012…me and Nard joined a marathon called Run for Sight. it is a charity run to give awareness about glaucoma that can lead to blindness.

We were to paired up as one hafta be to give an experience of how it feels to lose a sight. Me and Nard took turns blindfolding each other..

the run was at Pullman Lakeside, Putrajaya..such a beautiful morning to run..




had a wonderful time with my best buddy on a Sunday 😀


starts with a G..ends with a K..

10 years ago, my parents has chosen Gombak as our permanent stay. by doing so, they build their dream house..

didn’t thought i would have a Gombak address but sure do’s more known as Kampung Gombak..even our neighborhood is a kampung..kampung harmonis..and it comes along with our ketua kampung, uncle syed..

Gombak is located near the city but far from it..just a nice view of KL tower and KLCC from the balcony of our home. the roads are not that busy..and fill with schools from toddler nursery schools to universities nearby..can hv all ur education in 1 area.

maybe i’mma Gombakian..oh well..grateful i have shelter in my own country..and for me, its in Gombak..


puts’ late bday dinner

we are not too busy to spend time with our friends and just chill out..lagi-lagi kat Plan B..hehe..and BR ice-cream cake..



happy birthday, putri!..errr..belated birthday..hahaha



another wedding!!

wow..another wedding of a friend’s..hehe

Last friday ( 13 January 2012), zura and syafiq got married!

the solemnization ceremony



the wedding reception was held the following day..

me and the bride before the event

the newlyweds with the bride’s family members

us friends with the newlyweds..

congrats to u both!



on the 8th of Jan. 2012, us 10 went for some paintball fun at Dome Paintball, the summit, Subang USJ..

we were divided into 2 teams:

Team Shoot Masyhur

1. Atikah

2. Putri

3. Mawaddah

4. Amal

5. Farhan

Team Shoot Atikah

1. Mashyur

2. Jaafar

3. Sofia

4. Emma

5. Aizat

damn, it was tough?..wait..thinking of the right word to describe it..scary seems to be the word..haha

well, it’s fun but that bullets hitting u is soo not sure hurts the hell out of u..but where’s the fun in that, right??

we all got bruised up..but Amal, Mashie and Ika’s bruises are not to be compared..percikan darah kot..*shivers*

it’s a great activity to hang out with ur buddies and be shooting at them..haha

*am in pain typing this post cuz of my bruised right arm* haha