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Owe them so much..

Every child is a gift to their parents. Any parents will do their best to provide, protect, love and many more for their kids.

I am ever so grateful to have such loving parents to raise me and my siblings up. Our parents have such patience to deal with our daily shits growing up, but I think my mom is the most patient one..hehe..

Since the passing of my mom, my dad had to be both mom and dad to us. Though still in our late teens, my big sister and I knew it was not easy for him but we tried to be strong and support him for our younger siblings. Yes, we do miss our mom especially to share our greatest moments such as our graduations, weddings, 1st job offers and others. We also miss her hugs and words of encouragement when we face some downfalls.

Despite all the overwhelmed changes, my dad will do his very best to give his kids everything. My dad try to remain the normal routines like before such as cook for us, make sure everyone’s home for dinner, drive us around the city, take us for a quick getaways, and many more. Just like the good old times but without our mom.

I am thankful for having a great dad who shows nothing but love, respect, compassion to my mom.

I am blessed to be their child. Missing my mom so much but I know Allah loves her more.


Graduated! MBA class of 2014


With my mom at Niagara Falls, NY border


Skiing with my dad




Tick tock..

Hello, December. Anytime soon it will be a good-bye.

Chilly weather this month in KL though not even close of a white Christmas..hehe..but can enjoy a cuppa hot cocoa while at it.



My first hiking trip..

There is always a first time to do something you have not done before. This time around, for me, it would be hiking. Not just hiking up a hill behind my house but really hiking at about 3000++ meter mountain. I wanted to try doing this activity because I want to see the view from above, not from the top floor of a skyscraper, not from the window pane of an airplane..but really be on top of a mountain and enjoy the scenery it can offer. It doesn’t matter which mountain, as long as it is more than 2000 meter. I think that’s quite high enough..hehe..

Just as I was planning my hiking trip somewhere, my company was also organizing a hiking trip to Mount Rinjani, Indonesia. What a perfect timing! After I gathered some info about this trip and find it quite okay, I cancelled my plan and registered myself to go to this Mt. Rinjani company trip which was held from Aug. 29 until Sep. 3, 2015.

I had a great time during this trip though I must say it is a tough and tiring one. I got to meet new people & walk along the nature for four (4) days straight. What a beautiful sight though it was scorching hot throughout the way except at the mountain top. But the one thing I like most during this trip is being cellphone-less. Being disconnected from the world and surround myself with the sound of nature is like a privileged to me, although there is signal from time to time..haha..I got to experience how to live in the wilderness like using the restroom without a toilet bowl and walking 7 hours return to take a hot bath in the hot springs at Danau Segara Anak.


at the crater lake, Segara Anak..


Made it to the top!


Overlooking the tip of Mt. Rinjani..


View at the mountain route


Our random trip.

I was meant to write this post way long before but due to the misplacement of the pictures, i had to postponed it..(yea, dumb excuse :P)

Last year in December 2013 during our study week for the finals, we, 3 friends/classmates, had been randomly planning  to go for a nice quick beach getaway of roughly 4D3N at any island here in Malaysia during the semester break.

Not sure how, but I was in charged to organized it..haha..and boy, did I.

It was the Monsoon season during the time of planning in December, so obviously all the islands on the East coast were shut down. Our hopes went down the drain as we were really looking forward for this nice island tropical trip.

Then, one day, I saw a friend of mine posted a picture of himself at Mabul Island and asked him questions like.. ‘were this taken years back?’… ‘where is this Mabul Island?’..and all to get all the info I need to make this plan realistic.

And miraclely, this island is free from any nature disaster at all time and the Monsoon season is far within its was a ‘Yippie’ moment for me!

So with all the gathered info, I told my 2 friends about it and gave them the budgetary price for the total trip. Also, the activities that we will be doing there. Moreover, the flight tix there was quite cheap at that time, so yeah..I can hear it calling us.

Without much hesitation, they agreed on it & the flight tix were bought!

so..where will we be staying?

Soon after making some calls and making some price comparison about 3 days after buying the flight tix, we have chosen to stay at this homestay called Scuba Jeff. Apparently, I got some recommendation from the same Twitter friend who posted that pic of himself there.

the plan was set.

A few days after our finals, we were more than ready to get there. 🙂

It was a great trip..especially when you share it with your friends.

The island is so beautiful that I wish I could just stay there. the locals are nice and really good cooks..hehe..


Thanks, girls, for this wonderful memories!


wish you were here..

wish you were here, ibu, to share my ups and downs..


subang…here we come!!

Due to a renovation at our Bukit Mahkamah office, our unit had to be put temporarily at TM Ibusawat Subang for about 3 cool!..
the office is located right beside the Subang Airport..and boy, does the sight of the planes excites me!
there is a laarrgee table to be shared among 8 of us..hehe

so much joy!..can smell christmas..yums!


tajuk lagu famous by another singer

15 years ago, BSB 2nd single from their 2nd album, Backstreet’s Back, As Long As You Love Me, was a massive hit and was number 1 in numerous radio stations..
and now, in 2012, the same song title but from a different singer, who is now a heartthrob to all the girls is one big sensation single..and sang by one and only Justin Bieber..hehe

as i tweet before, i like JB’s dance moves for this song..quite nice..

BSB also got the moves for their singles..remember with the chairs??..such a classic..haha..