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Such a Beast..

Yay!..the movie we have been waiting for is finally coming to the cinemas here in Malaysia soon. lama tul..


the title of this anticipating movie is Beastly. A modern-day take on the “Beauty and the Beast” tale where a New York teen is transformed into a hideous monster in order to find true love. With the taglineĀ  – Love is never ugly

the actors are Vanessa Hudgens, Alex Pettyfer and Mary-Kate Olsen


chillaxing wit them..

Even tho, we regularly meet up for lunch at work..but 2day we lunch elsewhere which was at KLCC..ever since Mashyur moved to this company near KLCC last year, we didn’t had the time to go there and just hv lunch with him until today..hehe..

Saja nk jumpa dia. Besides it’s quite convenient for the guys to perform their Friday prayers over there since there is the KLCC Mosque ( Masjid As-Syakirin)

Also, the public transportation is reliable to go there Ā šŸ˜€

Upon arrival, we Signature! Ā (the name of theĀ food-court)..quite nice the foods there..i mean the rice and noodles





My fren was telling me about her road-trip around Europe..and is trying to travel the world b4 it’s too late..then it got me thinking bout my parents and their road-trips..even tho, my parents only made it into 4 continents.

My dad loves to travel..and loves to take my mom along..(and his kids).

USA have 50 states and only 2 states i haven’t got the chance to go which are Hawaii and Alaska..huhu. hot and cold Ā šŸ˜€

i remember my firstĀ road-tripĀ with my was way back when i was 3yrs was from North Carolina to Washington D.C. we went to see the White House and the monument.

my parents would stop at any nearby small towns and enjoy the shops & them, it was way funner than big cities.

On one summer of 1994, my parents packed us in a car and off we went to venture the East Coast of USA. i think it took us 2 1/2 months to go thru like 13 states.

On our way to the East, one of our stop was New Mexico. it got very tall cactus..kinda scary..but it was cool..and HOT.super HOT! it was like 180 degreesĀ Fahrenheit. people could actually die from the heatwave..

one time, after we went sliding at the white sisters could not stand the heat. while my dad was driving, we saw a stream beside the road and we immediately asked my dad to pull over so we can cool down. in our jeans and shirts, we basically jumped ourselves into the stream and soaked into the water..some heaven!..hehe..

and it didn’t took long for the clothes to get dry..told ya it was damn hot.

As we went to Texas, we went straight down to Mexico. we got to do the cha-cha dance with that big sombrero and poncho..the Mexicans are very musical.

another stop was at fave state. we visited the Grand Canyon, hoover dam and some others. also at Hoover Dam, we got to be in 2 place at once. one feet at Nevada…the other feet at Arizona..hehe..obviously standing at theĀ bordersĀ of these 2 states.

we stopped at Las Vegas, Nevada…and watched some shows there..also entered some casinos..but wasn’t allowed to pull one of the machine..haha..

then we went to California..later up we went north to Oregon and Washington..Just stopped by at some National Parks. So many wonderful rock structure, hills and flora & fauna. the scenery is pretty breathtaking and kinda stuck in ur head.

then we head back east to return back to Illinois. stopped by at the Rocky mountains and more small towns along the way back. we also stopped by at any stadiums either Basketball or Football. hehe..

Later in 1995, my parents took us to the North Eastern coast. We stopped by at Harvard University (one of my dream place to study..hehe), some small towns and up to New York. My mom really loved Niagara Falls. i think we went there 3 times during Spring. Along the way, we went to Ottawa, Canada and continue our journey up north to Maine. just enjoyed the foods there..they are very mapled..hehe.

in summer of 1996, my parents took us to Disney World, Orlando, Florida. i think this was the most intense road-trip cuz we were just soo excited to get there..haha. Before reaching the main destination, there were some detour. We went to the south states which are Kentucky,Ā Tennessee,Ā Mississippi, Alabama andĀ Ā Georgia..then finally Florida. Ā šŸ˜€

just great foods along the way..

i think my parents were more excited than us to see Mickey Mouse and all the other characters but the priority place for my parents was to see ‘Beauty and the Beast’..haha..I like Jaws and Batman stints. and the parades and rides were awesome too.

Soon in summer of 1997, my parents took us to the North Western territory. we went to more National Parks in Wyoming, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. we got to see the Mount Rushmore and Badlands in SD. and again we drove up to the Rocky mountain in Colorado..

some states were regulars and would go there often during the weekends or Christmas season..but not anytime soon..hehehe